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Official documents - Declarations made by Member States in accordance with Article 9 of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004

Pursuant to article 9 of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004, these declarations are made by Member States to notify the European Commission of:

  • any declarations made in accordance with point (l) of Article 1,
  • their legislation and schemes referred to in Article 3,
  • any conventions entered into as referred to in Article 8(2),
  • any minimum benefits referred to in Article 58,
  • any lack of an insurance system as referred to in Article 65a(1),
  • substantive amendments to Member States' legislation.

The declarations indicate the date from which the Regulation applies to those conventions, schemes and benefits. They are available in English, French, German and where provided by the Member State also the official language of the Member State.

The declarations are made by the Member States and by publishing them the Commission gives the necessary publicity as required by Article 9.

The Commission does not take any responsibility for their content and publication does not mean that the Commission has approved and agreed the content.

  1. Austria: pdf DeutschEnglishfrançais
  2. Belgium: pdf françaisNederlandsEnglishDeutsch
  3. Bulgaria: pdf българскиEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  4. Croatia: pdf hrvatskiEnglishfrançaisDeutschitaliano
  5. Cyprus: pdf ελληνικάEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  6. Czech Republic: pdf češtinaEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  7. Denmark: pdf danskEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  8. Estonia: pdf eesti keelEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  9. Finland: pdf suomiEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  10. France: pdf français English Deutsch
  11. Germany: pdf DeutschEnglishfrançais
  12. Greece: pdf ελληνικάEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  13. Hungary: pdf magyarEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  14. Iceland: pdf DeutschEnglishfrançais
  15. Ireland: pdf EnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  16. Italy: pdf italianoEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  17. Latvia: pdf latviešu valodaEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  18. Liechtenstein: pdf françaisEnglishDeutsch
  19. Lithuania: pdf lietuvių kalbaEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  20. Luxembourg: pdf françaisEnglishDeutsch
  21. Malta: pdf EnglishfrançaisDeutschDeutsch
  22. Netherlands: pdf NederlandsEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  23. Norway: pdf EnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  24. Poland: pdf polskiEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  25. Portugal: pdf portuguêsEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  26. Romania: pdf românăEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  27. Slovakia: pdf slovenčinaEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  28. Slovenia: pdf slovenščinaEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  29. Spain: pdf españolEnglishfrançaisDeutsch
  30. Sweden: pdf svenskaEnglish françaisDeutsch
  31. United Kingdom: pdf EnglishfrançaisDeutsch