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Issues related to consumer safety, public health and the environment are addressed by the three scientific committees managed by DG Health and Consumer Protection. These Committees were recently set up by Commission Decision 2004/210/EC and replace the former scientific committees operating in these areas. They are:

. The Scientific Committee on Consumer Products
. The Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks
. The Scientific Committee on emerging and Newly-Identified Health Risks

Following an open call for expressions on interest in membership of the new Committees, the Commission adopted a Decision appointing the members. The Decision also established a reserve list which may be used by the Commission to replace members or by the SCENIHR to identify associated members.

The work of the three scientific committees is complementary to the risk assessment activities of other Community bodies such as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA).

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The Scientific Committees provide the Commission with the sound scientific advice it needs when preparing policy and proposals relating to consumer safety, public health and the environment Read more...
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