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EQAVET - European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training

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EQAVET is a European wide framework to support quality assurance in vocational education and training (VET). EQAVET emerged from the 2009 Recommendation of the European Parliament and Council, which invited Member States to use indicative descriptors and indicators to strengthen the quality of VET provision.

EQAVET supports the implementation of the 2020 Recommendation on vocational education and training for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience. The VET Recommendation describes how EQAVET can be used to strengthen the quality of initial and continuing VET and presents the complete EQAVET framework.

The EQAVET Framework can be used by VET providers and in VET systems to support:

  • learning environments (e.g. school-based provision, work-based learning, apprenticeships, formal, informal and non-formal provision)
  • all types of learning (e.g. digital, face-to-face and blended)
  • public and private sector VET providers
  • VET awards and qualifications at all levels of the European Qualifications Framework

The implementation of the Recommendation is supported by members of the EQAVET network, National Reference Points and the European Secretariat for EQAVET. The National Reference Points bring together relevant stakeholders at the national and regional level to:

  • implement and further develop the EQAVET framework
  • inform and mobilise a wide range of stakeholders, including Centres of Vocational Excellence, to contribute to the implementation of the EQAVET framework
  • support self-evaluation as one way to measure success and identify areas for improvement, including the digital readiness of VET systems and institutions
  • participate actively in the EQAVET network
  • provide updated descriptions of the national quality assurance arrangements based on EQAVET
  • engage in EU level peer review to enhance the transparency and consistency of quality assurance arrangements, and to reinforce trust between Member States

By working collaboratively, the EQAVET network produces case studies and guidance on different ways to develop and improve the quality assurance of VET. Each year, the EQAVET network organises a range of support activities including an annual meeting for those with an interest in the quality assurance of VET at the European level. The EQAVET work programme 2020/2021 includes the following meetings:

  • EQAVET Peer Learning Activity on ‘Strengthening the evaluation and review phase of the quality cycle: 18-19 November 2020
  • EQAVET Annual Network Meeting 2020: 14-15 December 2020
  • EQAVET Annual Network meeting 2021: 1-2 June 2021

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