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Employment Committee Indicators Group

The Indicators Group (IG) of the Employment Committee was set up in 2000 to:

  • develop  indicators and methodologies to monitor countries’ progress in implementing the European Employment Strategy and Council Recommendations on labour market issues
  • support the surveillance and stock taking capacities of EMCO through the monitoring, description, and analysis of relevant policy issues.
  • work with the Commission on benchmarking proposals and on the Joint Assessment Framework in order to contribute to the analysis underpinning work on the European Semester 


The IG:

  • is composed of national experts in the fields of employment and labour market indicators from each EU country and the European Commission
  • is supported by the Commission’s policy analysts and statisticians.
  • draws on relevant work by International Organisations and academic expertise, studies and specific contributions.

The IG Bureau includes: Maria MOUNTAKI (IG Chair), the Secretariat and Commission representative(s).

The IG Secretariat is provided by the Commission. The current Secretary is Georgios Papanagnou.

If you have questions about the EMCO Indicators Group, please contact the Secretariat.

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