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In what situation can I claim?

Housing benefit (bostadsbidrag) is an allowance for those who need assistance to pay their rent or monthly fees for their accommodation. The benefit consists of three parts: an allowance towards housing costs, a special allowance for children at home and an access allowance for those who occasionally have children living in the household. People over 18 but under the age of 29 may receive an allowance towards housing costs. Families with children can receive both allowances for housing costs as well as special allowances. A third part is access allowance, which a parent can receive if the child only lives with them sometimes. If you receive or have received sickness or activity compensation, you can also receive housing supplement or housing allowance. If you are a pensioner, you can get similar support in the form of housing supplement, which is administered by the Pensions Agency. It does not matter whether you own or rent your accommodation in order to get these benefits. The conditions vary slightly depending on what kind of housing you are looking for, but the basic rule is that you should have a low income.

What conditions do I need to meet?

Housing benefit for young people

If you are between 18 and 28, you can get housing benefit for housing costs exceeding SEK 1,800 and for a maximum surface area of 60 m2 of dwelling space. The most you can receive is SEK 1,300. You must live and be registered at the address where you are applying for the allowance. There are some exceptions to this requirement.

If you live alone, you must earn less than SEK 86,720 in the year in which you apply for benefit. If you are married or cohabiting, your combined income must be less than SEK 103,720. Income may in this case be salary but it also includes other remuneration such as scholarships and study grants.

Housing benefit for families with children

If you have children under the age of 18 who live with you, you can get housing benefit on a monthly basis as a contribution to the cost of your accommodation. The amount you will receive depends on your accommodation costs, the surface area of your accommodation and the number of dependent children. Children older than 18 can be counted if they are in receipt of study help or extended child allowance. There is no upper age limit for receiving extended child allowance. You also must be living and registered at the address for which you are applying for the benefit. There are some exceptions to this requirement.

Housing supplement and housing allowance

Pensioners can receive housing supplement (bostadstillägg). You can read more about this in the chapter on Survivor's protection and other benefits for pensioners.

If you are receiving sickness or activity compensation you may also receive housing supplement if you are resident in Sweden. If you have received temporary sickness compensation for the maximum period allowed or you can no longer get activity compensation because you have turned 30, you can instead get housing allowance (boendetillägg) if you are resident in Sweden. This is in addition to your sickness benefit, rehabilitation allowance or activity grant if you are on an introduction to working life.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

How much you receive can vary depending on your income and assets, your housing costs, the size of your home and how many children you have. If you are married or cohabiting, an overall assessment of your joint finances will be made. If you are seeking housing benefit, you can get an estimate of how much money you will receive on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency website.

The benefit is based on the income you think you will receive during the year. If you earn more or less than that amount, you can pay back or get more retrospectively. You apply for these benefits through the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Jargon busters

E-ID - see the chapter on Benefit during sickness.

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Who do you need to contact?

Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Website: www.forsakringskassan.se

Customer centre e-mail: kundcenter@forsakringskassan.se

Customer centre telephone: +46 771524524

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