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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee on Free Movement of Workers was set up by Regulation 1612/68 (now codified by Regulation 492/2011).

It is composed of six members for each Member State: two representing the government, two the trade unions and two the employers’ associations.


The Committee:

  • assists the Commission in the examination of the application of EU law on free movement of workers; 
  • helps coordinate Member States' employment policies with the aim of contributing to the development of their economies and to a more balanced EU labour market.

Activities and meetings

The Committee:

  • examines problems concerning freedom of movement and employment within national manpower policies;
  • makes general studies on the effects of implementing Regulation 492/2011;
  • submits proposals to the Commission for revising this Regulation; 
  • delivers opinions, in particular on: 
    • the exchange of information on developments in the labour market; 
    • the movement of workers between Member States; 
    • measures to develop vocational guidance and training which are likely to increase the possibilities of freedom of movement and employment;
    • all forms of assistance to workers and their families, including social assistance and the housing of workers.

The Committee meets twice a year.

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