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Just Transition Platform

Accompanying Member States and regions to achieve a just transition

The Just Transition Platform (JTP) provides a single access point to support and knowledge on Europe’s transition to a sustainable, climate-neutral economy.

The Platform is the EU's key tool to help Member States and regions unlock the support available through the Just Transition Mechanism, ensuring a fair and 'just' transition that leaves no person or region behind. On this page, you will find links to relevant information about Working Groups, events and relevant funding opportunities, including through the Just Transition Fund.

The Just Transition Platform puts people and communities at the centre of the transformation, by listening to their aspirations and giving them the tools to realise their ideas.


JTF territories

Explore our map to see eligible JTF territories

(*) Additional territories have been proposed by some Member States and may be accepted as part of territorial just transition plans. The map will be updated accordingly.

Funding opportunities

More information about funding opportunities under the three pillars of the Just Transition Mechanism

Working Groups

Learn more about the JTP Working Groups on Steel, Cement, Chemicals and Horizontal Stakeholder Strategy

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Knowledge repository

Access our repository of useful knowledge and resources relating to the just transition

Helpdesk & FAQ

Got a question about the JTP? Ask us or browse other frequently asked questions here