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Feasibility Study: Modelling the EU Economy as an Ecosystem of Contracts

We expect the study to address the following key questions: 1. What are the core concepts in the current modelling approach of the EU economy? What types of data are collected and which measurement concepts exist within this approach? 2. How did these concepts relate to the historical development of economic trade, the structure of the EU (or U.S.,. or international, as applicable) economy? 3. How did the internet and the World Wide Web standard influence the structure of economic trade? What are the consequences for the adequacy of measuring and modelling economic trade? 4. What kind of data has become available that had not been anticipated in the previous modelling approach? 5. What are the opportunities and challenges attached to these new data formats, including liability issues specific to such data? 6. Which existing data sources, data collection methods, data methodologies are available to model the EU economy as an ecosystem of (legally enforceable) contractual relationships? 7. Where are concepts and/or methodologies missing to achieve a satisfactory modelling result? 8. Is there a need to identify and authorize new actors to develop and maintain such a methodology? At the final stage, we anticipate a report, which will encompass the aforementioned elements. The contractor will cooperate closely with the European Commission.


Analysis of the application of the 2004 Compensation Directive and victims' access to compensation in Member States

The main objective of the contract is the analysis of the application of the 2004 Compensation Directive and victims' access to compensation in Member States. The Commission is already in possession of relevant data, which will be shared with the contractor with a view to analyse it and update it. In particular the Commission will provide the contractor with a study on victims compensation effectuated in 2013 and available relevant statistical data received from Member States.


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