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Peace and security

5th African Union-European Union Summit

Every three years, Heads of States and Governments from Africa and the EU meet to take stock of progress made in the implementation of commitments and to provide political guidance for future work. In 2017, the theme of the summit will be ‘investing in youth’.

The Peacekeeping Failure in South Sudan: The UN, Bias and the Peacekeeper’s Mind

In 2011, South Sudan was welcomed into the United Nations as the world’s newest nation. With unprecedented goodwill and optimism, the UN deployed 7,000 soldiers and another 2,000 police and civilian peacekeepers to the country to support its transition to independence. However, the mission failed and within less than three years South Sudan was plunged into a catastrophic civil war. Using first-hand accounts from senior UN officials and referencing hitherto unseen UN documents, this book explores the role of the peacekeeping mission in that failure.