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Item Overview

The future of progress 2022

Each year, this report shares the latest data on 18 key data indicators, ranging from poverty to maternal mortality to education. These indicators helps to understand the progress toward the Global Goals—where innovation and investment are creating bright spots, and where the world is collectively falling short

Human Development Report 2021-22 -- Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives: Shaping our Future in a Transforming World

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, having driven reversals in human development in almost every country, continues to spin off variants unpredictably. War in Ukraine and elsewhere has created more human suffering. Record-breaking temperatures, fires, storms and floods sound the alarm of planetary systems increasingly out of whack. Together, they are fuelling a cost-of-living crisis felt around the world, painting a picture of uncertain times and unsettled lives.

'One book in one snapshot'

Summaries of recent books and publications related to the topic of development produced by INTPA Trainees as part of a knowledge sharing initiative by INTPA.D4 (Knowledge Management sector).

InfoPoint Hybrid Conference: How to optimise African diaspora engagement in local development?

The aim of this conference, which will take place in a hybrid mode on Thursday 29 September, is to present the main outcomes of a study that has been launched by the Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT), a pan-European Diaspora network established in 2017 and based in Brussels. The speakers will present lessons learnt from case studies and the research review, including main finding on diaspora organisations’ impact, limiting and enabling factors, key support and recommendations to stakeholders from NGOs to development agencies.

OPSYS - Un Seminario Web Introductorio Sobre El Registro Y La Validación Del CFP En El Portal De Financiación Y Ofertas

Las personas participantes de este webinar, que tendrá lugar el miércoles 28 de septiembre, comprenderán el proceso de registro, las reglas de validación y los procesos, así como aprenderán a navegar y encontrar información relevante en el Portal de Financiación y Ofertas del ecosistema OPSYS. El grupo de expertos ponentes estará compuesto por miembros de los servicios de validación de la Agencia Ejecutiva de Investigación Europea (European Research Executive Agency - REA), y de la Unidad de Tecnología de Datos e Información de DG INTPA (el equipo de gestión del cambio de OPSYS y el equipo de gestión de PIC).

How can policy monitoring support better decision making in agrifood systems?

This international technical webinar is part of the series organized by the FAO elearning Academy, Agreenium, UN-ESCAP and FFI. The session will explore why monitoring price and public expenditure policies is key for agricultural transformation and food security, as well as data needs, challenges and benefits of policy monitoring tools. Participants will also hear about a real-world example of how the MAFAP method was used to inform government policy in a partner country.

How policymakers and other leaders can build a more sustainable post-COVID-19 ‘normal’

The UN 2030 Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the COVID-19 pandemic share two important characteristics. They are global challenges that if not met, pose risks to all citizens. COVID-19 has illuminated three complementary, compelling actions that can address these challenges—work across silos; visibly use science in policy; and harness simultaneous global interruption to habits. This commentary describes these using worked examples and suggests actions for policymakers and other leaders. Acknowledging that the full SDG agenda is of much broader multidimensional scope than the COVID-19 pandemic, the SDG examples focus on environmental sustainability.