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Third Workshop: People Power for the Battery Value Chain - from Education and Research to Implementation

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date:  28/10/2020

On 29 October 2020, the third Batteries Europe Online Workshop took place moderated by Governing Board member Thomas Van der Meer. The event gathered both stakeholders and sympathisers of the Batteries Europe platform: Over 118 participants joined for the opportunity to listen to specialists about the current challenges in the education, research and implementation of the European battery value chain. 


The event started with a welcome speech delivered by Michael Lippert, Chair of Batteries Europe, followed by a keynote speech by Rosa Palacin, member of the Batteries Europe Governing Board, which touched upon the history of batteries. Axel Thielmann, chair of the Education Task Force made a presentation on the education needs for the European battery value chain. Following this presentation, Michel Viktorovitch, Chair of the National and Regional coordinators group gave an overview of the national support and tools to the Europe battery sector, touching upon a French perspective.

The rest of the workshop was dedicated to the presentation of Edel Sheridan, Batteries Europe Technical Leader who presented BE’s Strategic ResearchAgenda. Kristina Edstrom, Chair of BE Working Group 1 and coordinator of Battery2030+, along with Tejs Vegge, Member of the BE Working Group 1 and partner of BIG-MAP, delivered a presentation of both Batteries2030+ and BIG-MAP. Finally, Arno Kwade, Co-Chair of BE Working Group 4 and LiPLANET Coordinator, presented the Li-PLANET's project roadmap for the development of an industrial scale Li-Ion production in Europe.

Batteries Europe wishes to thank all the attendants and speakers who joined the three workshops organised in October and invite its sympathizers to keep on following their activities in the future on their website.


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