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Inspirational cases report now in 24 languages

"Tackling energy poverty through local actions ‒ Inspiring cases from across Europe" is the result of extensive research on energy poverty leading to a collection of more than 200 cases. From retrofit plans to grants, information campaigns and consultation visits to vulnerable households, discover 24 projects and measures tackling energy poverty.

SRI Introductory Video

The Smart readiness indicator (SRI) is introduced in this short video. Watch it and share it !

6th Cretan Energy Conference & Exhibition

The IEEG Expo and Conference will be inaugurated by the Greek Government. The conference includes speakers and exhibitors from Greece, Israel, Egypt, the European Commission, as well as the United States among others.

EU energy statistics – annual pocket book now available

The EU energy statistical pocketbook (2018 version) provides energy statistics for all EU countries and the EU as a whole, covering areas including energy production and consumption, socio-economic indicators, and the impact of the energy sector on the environment.

EUR 27 Weekly oil bulletin n° 2100, prices at 23/05/2022 - Bulletin pétrolier hebdomadaire EUR 27 n° 2100 prix au 23/05/2022 - EUR 27 Wochentliche oil bulletin n° 2100, preise am 23/05/2022

DUE TO RUSSIAN AGGRESSION ON UKRAINE (WHICH BEGUN ON 24.02.2022), ALL INTERNATIONAL ENERGY PRICES WENT UP. Prices for Euro 95 are rising again, while Diesel, Heating oil and LPG are calming down. Croatia relaxed its administrative price cap for Euro Super 95 and Diesel and was joined by Hungary from 15/11/2021 and Slovenia with price cap on Heating oil from 15/11/2021. Greece has floating Other indirect taxes that change every week. New VAT of 25% on all fuels introduced by Sweden from start of 2022. New excise taxes from start of 2022 enacted by Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. New Other indirect taxes enacted by Belgium, Latvia, Cyprus, Ireland, Hungary and Portugal. Poland reduced VAT to 8% and Slovenia reduced excise taxes from February. Spain and France introduced rebates on retail price up to 15% from April 1st. Italy increased temporarily Excise Duty to Gasoil and Carbon Tax to Gasoil & Fuel Oil from 1 May 2022. Sweden reduced excises on gasoline and diesel. Slovenia reintroduced price caps for Eurosuper 95 and Diesel. Portugal lowered further excise tax on Eurosuper 95.

Shape: Citizen Data-Smart Cities

The Citizen’s Control of Personal Data Initiative within the Smart Cities Marketplace is working with other initiatives to provide a joint approach to tackling the highly significant task of helping a smart city utilise the personal data of its citizens in a way that is beneficial and safe for all.