New version of European Interoperability Reference Architecture released

The ISA² Programme is glad to announce that the new European Interoperability Reference Architecture (EIRA) release v3.0.0 is online! The new version includes significant upgrades and can be considered the state-of-the-art in the interoperability domain. 
EIRA is an architecture content metamodel based on the European Interoperability Framework and its four layers of interoperability: legal interoperability, organisational interoperability, semantic interoperability and technical interoperability. EIRA defines the most salient architectural building blocks needed to build interoperable eGovernment systems. It provides a common terminology that can be used by people working for public administrations in various architecture and system development tasks. 

In a nutshell: the major improvements of the new EIRA release

The new EIRA release contains many improvements compared to the previous 2.1.0 version such as: 
  • Revision of the architecture building blocks taking into account their interoperability saliency and relevance for EU integrated public services;
  • Alignment to the new European Interoperability Framework (EIRA Metamodel viewpoint and Key Interoperability Enablers viewpoint);
  • Alignment with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introducing the Interoperability Privacy viewpoint;
  • Revision of the EIRA views and viewpoints
  • Upgrade to ArchiMate® 3.0.1.

If you would like to provide comments on the new EIRA release, you could do so by sending your feedback to and by using the Joinup contact form

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Monday, 25 March, 2019