A new study on 'Blockchain for Digital Governments' published

The study "Blockchain for digital  government - An assessment of pioneering implementations in public services" has been published by the ISA² ELISE Action

The new publication analyses seven blockchain-based services developed in Europe, with an active participation of public authorities from both national and local levels.

The list of analysed projects includes:

Each has been analysed with a structured multi-layer framework covering institutional, functional, technical and economic aspects of a deployed service. In addition, the work has also considered the potential of each blockchain-based service for scaling-up to the EU level. The study acknowledges that blockchain technology can reduce bureaucracy, increase the efficiency of administrative processes and increase the level of trust in public record keeping

However, blockchain has not yet demonstrated itself to be neither transformative nor a disruptive form of innovation for government, as it is sometimes portrayed. Ongoing projects can be seen to bring incremental, rather than fundamental, changes to operational capacities; although some clear value for citizens may be generated by adopting these technologies.

Friday, 24 May, 2019