Enterprise Architecture Roundtable for Government - presentation of EIRA

The Open Group

The Open Group will be hosting a one-day Enterprise Architecture Roundtable for Government personnel involved in Enterprise Architecture initiatives. The agenda will start with a keynote address by ISA² programme manager Raul Mario Abril Jimenez, an EU representative responsible for a European Enterprise Architecting effort focused on EU-wide interoperability. This keynote will be followed by multiple open discussion sessions where a success story is followed by brainstorming on issues and resolution approaches to successfully prepare for, develop, and use Enterprise Architectures.

The presentations will be success stories in 3 areas:

  1. Preparing for Success, with a government EA success story: "How we prepared for success in our EA initiative"
  2. Getting the Enterprise Architecture Right, with a government EA success story: "How we ensured we got it right"
  3. Successfully Using Enterprise Architecture, with  a government EA success story: "How we used EA to ensure mission success”

The day will close with an interactive discussion on efforts to increase EA success within government, and a discussion about potential shared government EA projects that could be started within The Open Group.

More information available here.

Learn more about European Interoperability Reference Architecture.


Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 - 09:00
Ottawa, Canada
ISA² participation