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Functioning of the network in Member States

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The performance indicators for 2018 Q1–Q3 are based on requests sent in the following legal areas: Professional Qualifications, Services and Patients’ Rights.

Speed in accepting incoming requests (within one week) – 2018

This chart shows:

  • total information requests received by authorities
  • Percentage of requests accepted within one week

Speed in answering requests – 2018

Answering Speed – all legislative areas

Answering Speed – Professional Qualifications

Answering Speed – Services Directive

Answering Speed – Patients’ Rights

Answering Speed – Posting of Workers

This chart shows, for all areas:

  • total information requests received by authorities
  • average number of days taken to reply

To see the figures on individual areas, click on the appropriate tab.

Requests answered by the date agreed in IMI – 2018

When sending a request, the authority gives the date by which it needs an answer. The replying authority can either accept this date or propose a new one.

Figures are based on requests sent in 2018, in the following IMI modules: Professional Qualifications – Information Request, Services – Information Request, Patients’ Rights – Information Request and Posting of Workers – Information Request. In the posting module, only requests concerning posting, health and safety, working conditions and establishment are included. Figures only include requests, for which a response date was recorded.

To hide or display figures for a category of data on the charts, click on the corresponding label in the legend of the chart.