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    Amphiro’s self-powered smart shower monitors create awareness of the resource consumption when taking a shower. The devices are connected to smartphones and help keeping track of the user’s consumption, identify trends and enable comparisons.

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    A Smart ‘SaaS’ Decision Support System for monitoring, management, and simulation of renewable energy that helps multiple end-users (citizens, building managers, policy makers and energy providers), providing a new city and district energy model.


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    The need for more age-friendly technologies increases as by 2020, 25% of the EU's population will be over 65.

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    Mando Group

    We have the only nonsurgical, affordable, and effective method in the world for long-term weight loss and we plan to bring this system to the 2 billion overweight people on our planet.  Our treatment has been used successfully in our clinics for years and we now have developed a device/app system

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    TeDH – Technology and Design for Healthcare

    TeDH developed smart garments which look great and help you to change your life.They track your lifestyle through embedded sensors and advanced algorithms to provide coaching towards a healthier lifestyle and prevent possible dangers for your health. Wear your health and be fit for future!

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    Verify video content and detect fake videos for helping to maintain a high-quality journalistic reporting.

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    List Institute

    Take a look around: software is everywhere, and we trust much of our daily lives to it. Its failure – in particular at the hands of attackers – can be disastrous for our economy, our environment, and our civil rights.

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    MCLab (Model Checking Lab)

    CTS (Clinical Training Services) is a suite of simulation-based Serious Games for Training and e-Learning aimed at medical students. By exploiting computational models of human physiology and drugs, CTS software offers a population of Virtual Patients.

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    Aero Glass

    Aero Glass is the first company to bring Augmented Reality into cockpits, by providing smart glasses which create an unparalleled 3D and 360° vision for pilots.

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    Participatory Systems Initiative

    YouPower is an open source web application that makes people more aware of their energy consumption and encourages them to look together for new solutions for CO2 reduction.

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