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Verify video content and detect fake videos for helping to maintain a high-quality journalistic reporting.

The Verification Application is developed in the H2020 EU-funded project InVID to support journalists during the verification of user generated videos. It offers services to analyse the source, content, location, date and rights from the partners CERTH, ExoMakina, MODUL, and UDL based on domain knowledge from AFP and DW

About the Innovator

The main focus of Condat AG is providing solutions for the media/TV broadcasting industry through all stages of the value chain. The main focus of Condat research is develop innovative solutions for intelligent automization of news processing and assistance in the journalistic workflow.

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What is the innovation

Condat has developed a Web-based application for the verification of videos (mainly user generated) in order to support journalists in the process of evaluating whether submitted or detected video is trustworthy by also integrating all kind of verification services provided by partners. The technology is designed to be scalable and to be deployed in a productive environment.


Screenshot of the Web-based application for the verification of videos (mainly user generated) developed by Condat
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Out of the lab – Into the Market

Condat has a broad range of customers in the national TV/Broadcasting industry as well as partners which provide solutions in this market and have a global reach. Condat will first address their own customer base in order to kick-start a productive, running installation. Together with their partners (the consortium partners as well as the solution partners where the Condat solution can be part of) Condat will address a broader, international market.


Benefits of participation in the Framework Programme

The kind of innovative solutions as Condat is aiming for are absolutely impossible to achieve on its own, because they are very research intensive and Condat in many areas involved lacks the expertise. So both the funding of the research and development efforts itself as well as being part in a consortium of highly specialised partners is helping tremendously to achieve these goals.