• Category winner

    University College Cork

    We develop new ways to ‘see’ different cells in the body. Great opportunities exist to tackle major world diseases such as infectious diseases and cancer, through development of new diagnostics and vaccines.

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  • Finalist

    KU Leuven

    Exposure to high noise levels entails more than €40 billion per year in the EU health system. In this context, D-Noise brings to the market a novel distributed network for multi-user active noise equalization.

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  • Finalist

    Max Planck MP

    For a new green revolution to feed continually increasing populations, agriculture productivity will have to be significantly improved.

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  • Finalist

    University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most powerful methods in medical diagnostics. To push this method far beyond its current limits our team explores a fundamentally new MRI contrast mechanism.

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  • Innovator

    Fraunhofer IAF

    Diamond is not only a unique gemstone, but can also provide a valuable contribution to sustainable energy conversion and storage.

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  • Innovator


    By rapidly directing light with sound waves in 3D we make thoughts in the brain literally visible as the nerve cells light up and communicate with each other.

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  • Innovator

    Politecnico di Milano

    Photonics is a powerful technology, but sometimes too complex and too expensive go out of the lab. Spying photons without absorbing them, that’s the key.

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  • Innovator

    Reactable Systems

    Reactable Systems, as a partner in the EU-finded GIANTSTEPS project, has developed musical expert agents based on the latest findings in Music Information Research (MIR) and Machine Learning (ML), for boosting the musical creativity

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