EU labour force survey

This Eurostat online publication describes the European Union (EU) labour force survey (EU-LFS), a large sample survey among private households in Europe and an important source for European statistics about the situation and trends in the EU labour market. The publication provides information on the main features, the legal basis, the methodology and the data as well as on the historical development of the EU-LFS.

Table of contents

1. Eurostat data and publication

1.1 Structure of EU-LFS dissemination
1.2 Main indicators and EU-LFS data
1.3 Statistical publications
1.4 Europe 2020 and policy making indicators
1.5 Publication guidelines and thresholds
1.6 Comparability over time and across countries
1.7 Data for researchers

2. Main features and legal basis

2.1 Main features
2.2 Legal basis

3. Methodology

3.1 Concept of labour force status
3.2 Other concepts and definitions
3.3 Classification in the EU-LFS
3.4 Core variables (user guide) and explanatory notes
3.5 Core questionnaires

4. Ad hoc modules

4.1 Overview of the ad hoc modules
4.2 Description of the ad hoc modules

5. Development and history

5.1 Development of the EU-LFS
5.2 Milestones in the EU-LFS