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Eiropas Sociālais fonds Plus
Social Innovation Match (SIM)
Find Europe's best social innovation projects and organisations!
ESF for recovery
REACT EU (2021-23) and ESF+ (2021-27) will support the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis
The European Pillar of Social Rights
Making social rights a reality through ESF+ funding
New ALMA initiative financed by ESF+
Fi-Compass advisory platform
for EU shared management financial instruments


App helps visually impaired people navigate everyday life

The ‘Remote Eye’ (Remote assistance to visually impaired people) project supported visually impaired people through an app service. Users were put into contact with an operator who assisted them by acting as their eyes, with the help of their smartphone.

Call for experts in Social Innovation and ESF+ policy

The European Social Fund Agency of Lithuania (ESFA) is issuing an open call for experts to help develop and deliver the Commission’s ESF Social Innovation+ (ESF SI+) initiative, financed by European Social Fund Plus (ESF+).

Kas ir ESF+

What is esf+ collage
Eiropas Sociālais fonds Plus (ESF+) ir Eiropas Savienības galvenais instruments investēšanai cilvēkos. ESF+ budžets 2021.–2027. gadam ir gandrīz 99,3 miljardi eiro, kas tiks izlietoti tam, lai turpinātu sniegt būtisku ieguldījumu ES nodarbinātības, sociālajā, izglītības un prasmju politikā, tai skaitā lai veiktu strukturālas reformas šajās jomās.