Circular Horticulture

How to increase circularity in protected horticulture?

The final report of this Focus Group is now published.

Read all the information at a glance in the Circular horticulture factsheet


  • Assess existing practices in protected horticulture and their potential to better re-use or recycle water, materials and by-products, identify good practices and success stories from different parts of Europe, taking into account different climatic conditions, agro systems and specifically focusing on farmers' and advisers' experiences.
  • Compare different management practices taking into account the feasibility and cost-effectiveness at individual farm level or through collective approaches, and identify success factors (such as knowledge requirements, crucial partnerships) and technical/economic barriers, or other fail factors.
  • Identify how these practices may be transferred to other conditions (location, type of production) and how.
  • Identify tools to help farmers and advisers assess the opportunities for re-use and re-cycling of resource inputs at farm and regional levels.
  • Identify innovative business models for horticultural enterprises.
  • Identify further research needs from practice, possible gaps in technical knowledge, and further research needs.
  • Suggest innovative solutions and provide ideas for EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and other innovative projects.


Other information:

Focus Group members:

Surname, first name Profession Country
Bartzanas, Thomas
Researcher Greece
Beerling, Ellen
Researcher Netherlands
Berckmoes, Els
Researcher Belgium
Blanco, Belén
Researcher Spain
Caceres, Rafaela
Researcher Spain

Costa, Joaquim Miguel

Researcher Portugal

Di Lonardo, Sara

Researcher Italy
Egea Gonzalez, Francisco
Researcher Spain
Garcia, Javier
Farmer Spain
Grade, Stefanie
Researcher Germany
Grenet, Alain
Civil servant France
Lemmens, Patrick
Adviser Netherlands
Magán, Juan José
Researcher Spain

Massa, Daniele

Researcher Italy
Morel Chevillet, Guillaume
Researcher France
Nicola, Silvana
Researcher Italy

Pušenjak, Miša

Adviser Slovenia
Vandecasteele, Bart
Researcher Belgium

Vanninen, Irene

Researcher Finland
Veberic, Robert
Researcher Slovenia
Facilitation team
Katsoulas, Nikolaos
Coordinating expert Greece
Morin, Alexandre
Task manager France
Desimpelaere, Koen
Backup Belgium


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