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Early Adopters Programme

The Early Adopters programme is your incubator to help you and your partners imagine, build and launch their EBSI pilot project(s). Together, we reimagine mobility in Europe. We help citizens study, work and grow all over Europe.

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early adopters

What is the Early Adopters programme?

Since 2018, the EBP and the EC develop and deploy EBSI through a network of distributed nodes across Europe to support cross-border applications across multiple domains.

Learn more about What is EBSI

In 2020, EBSI launched the Early Adopters programme: an incubator to help Early Adopters and their partners imagine, build and launch their EBSI pilot projects.

Through the Early Adopters programme, EBSI wants to encourage actors from all across Europe tap into the potential of the EBSI infrastructure. The EBP has selected use cases in different domains to pilot through the programme, such as Social Security, Diploma, Self-Sovereign identify, Document Traceability, etc.

Use cases are developed following a collaborative lifecycle:

  1. Identification and selection
  2. Development
  3. Piloting
  4. Deployment in production

Once a project is selected to join the programme, each project's private and public sector partners are given early access to a test environment of EBSI. They are given the chance to further develop and test their pilot project so that a specific business or government use case can be addressed.

Each project will contribute to the improvement of EBSI's services and ensure it meets the needs of European businesses and public administrations, within and across their national borders.

What's in it for you?

What's in it for you?


Pilot and test use cases in real-life settings and deliver the first cross-border services using blockchain.


Find synergies and work in collaboration with other organisations (private and public).

Get support

Get access to EBSI services, tools and support and gain visibility at European level.

The first successful story

Beginning of 2021, the “Early Adopters”, 21 projects from 18 European countries participated in the first pilot programme of EBSI. Each project's private and public sector partners were given early access to the pre-production environment of EBSI and were invited to develop their own pilot projects to address specific business or governmental use cases involving the exchange of verifiable credentials in the education domain.

In July 2021, 2 European universities alliances and 11 universities from 11 countries joined their forces to create the so-called “multi-University pilot” during which they identified, designed and delivered 6 cross-border scenarios, together.

Discover the success stories

the first successful story ecosystem

The importance of the ecosystem

The EBSI Early Adopters have been challenged to test their different pilots in real-life settings. Key stakeholders had to be identified to test the interoperability of their solutions in the ecosystem to allow for the exchange of verifiable credentials by students and universities: trusted accreditation organisations, trusted issuers, holders of credentials, wallet providers and other partners.

A collaborative path

The final step of the Early Adopters programme was a showcase of the outcomes in the demo day organised in June 2022.

Watch demo day

  1. Discover

    They first explored the EBSI specifications and made sure their pilot scope was clear.

  2. Design

    They used the Verifiable Credentials Lifecycle to understand how Verifiable Credentials work according to W3C and EBSI standards. They designed the cross-border pilot scenario(s) and the integration plan at a Design Workshop.

  3. Build and Test

    They integrated their solutions in pre-production, basing themselves on the Verifiable Credentials Playbook and using wallets conformant with EBSI, they implemented the Verifiable Credentials according to W3C and EBSI standard specifications.

a collaborative path

a collaborative path

Requirements to join the Early Adopters programme

Follow the below steps and register to join the Early Adopters Programme.

  1. Choose a domain

Pilot and test use cases in real-life settings and deliver the first cross-border services using blockchain.

By successfully piloting “self-sovereign identity” and the “diploma” use cases, EBSI is well advanced in the implementation of various types of Verifiable Credentials. The Early Adopters programme is growing and EBSI is opening different tracks for you to pilot:

use case diploma

Education domain

Piloting a new credential in the education domain.

social security

Social security domain

Piloting a new credential in the social domain.


Other domain

Proposing a new use case in a specific domain where verifiable credentials are relevant

  1. Define your role

You can participate in the Early Adopters Programme in different roles. Please specify as which role you would like to participate.


As an issuer

You can become an issuer of the proposed educational credentials or implement other credential to enrich the service.


As a verifier

You can join and adopt such solution in the context of your recruitment process and significantly reduce your verification costs.

digital wallet

As a wallet provider

You can turn your wallet into an EBSI conformant wallet and build a pan-European wallet ecosystem.


As a TAO

You can become a trusted accreditation organisation and / or issuer of verifiable IDs.


As a holder

You can join the group of beta users..

  1. Ready to register?

Start your registration process to join the Early Adopters program by filling out the form

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...or do you need more information before registering?

discover ebsi

Explore the What is EBSI page and learn more about EBSI’s network, infrastructure and capabilities.

success stories

Explore the Success stories and get inspired by them.


Explore the specifications in details by consulting the Developers hub.


See all FAQs

Register your interest

Interested to pilot and/or implement an EBSI use case? Leave us your email to find out how to take part in the development of the EBSI ecosystem.

If you would like to receive information about the possibility to pilot, implement, or propose a use case, please tick the first box in the section below.

In compliance with the data protection records DPR-EC-01011(opens in a new tab) and DPR-EC-03928(opens in a new tab) and the privacy statement available here, I accept that the European Commission use the information I have provided in order to:


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