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What is eDelivery?

eDelivery provides technical specifications and standards, installable software and ancillary services to allow projects to create a network of nodes for secure digital data exchange. By building with eDelivery, public and private organisations from different sectors can easily create a safe and interoperable channel to transfer documents and data among each other over a public or private network.


eDelivery enables the exchange of documents and data among heterogeneous information systems using a standardized protocol, thereby laying the foundation for cross-domain and cross-project interoperability.

Scalability and performance

eDelivery solutions ensure sustainable levels of performance and maintainability even as the number of participants and/or messages in a network grows.

Security and accountability

eDelivery ensures data integrity and confidentiality in every transmission through the use of digital signatures and encryption. eDelivery also guarantees legal assurance and accountability by mandating that the recipient of a message must send a digitally signed acknowledgement of receipt for every message received.

Vendor and platform agnostic

Because this is a vendor and platform neutral solution, its specifications are not proprietary or controlled by one vendor alone. Also, eDelivery is available in multiple products and solutions from different vendors you can choose from.

Flexible and configurable

eDelivery supports multiple types of data exchanges and is easy to adjust to each organisation’s needs, since it can be configured using parameters and doesn’t solely rely on programming.

Who can benefit from eDelivery


Public sector entities and agencies

Find out how we can help you set up a secure data and documents’ exchange system in your organisation.


Private sector entities

Discover the benefits of having a secure, digital message exchange network that can support your business goals.

Solution Providers

Services and software providers

We can help you develop and offer services that enable the secure transmission of large amounts of digital data.

How to start using the eDelivery

  1. Step 1

    Gather business needs and requirements with the help of our documentation and a self-assessment tool.

  2. Step 2

    Choose if you want to create your eDelivery network using conformant software, EC sample software, external providers or a combination thereof.

  3. Step 3

    When creating your eDelivery network, there are several eDelivery services that you can use.

  4. Step 4

    After deploying and testing your solution, you’ll be ready to start operating and promoting it! If you have questions or need further help, contact us (opens in a new tab).

Implementing eDelivery

If you are ready to start working with eDelivery, we are just as ready to help you. The links below provide important information to begin the implementation.

eDelivery Flyer

Learn more about eDelivery by consulting the flyer.

How does it work?

Learn more about how eDelivery works and what can be done with it.

We can help you implement eDelivery:

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Connectivity testing

Confirm that a newly installed AS4 Access Point can successfully communicate with EC AS4 Access Point.

Conformance testing

Verify that an implementation of the eDelivery Access Point or SMP specifications conforms to the relevant eDelivery specifications.

PKI Service

Get familiar with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a set of roles, policies, procedures and systems needed to create, manage, distribute, store and revoke digital certificates.

We can help you implement eDelivery:

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eIDAS Regulation

Regulation (EU) 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services.

eDelivery AS4 Profile

Open specification for the secure and payload-agnostic exchange of data.

SMP specifications

This component enables the participants of an eDelivery Messaging Infrastructure to dynamically discover each other’s capabilities.

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“We want to future-proof our products by integrating this new infrastructure. As CEF eDelivery is based on open standards for data exchange across the borders, we can provide better and cheaper services to new and existing customers.”

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Ulrik Falkner Thagesen CEO, e-Boks

eDelivery in use


26 Projects reusing eDelivery

58 Projects committed to analyse or reusing eDelivery

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eDelivery FAQ

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If you have any questions regarding eDelivery, feel free to contact us or join our user community for further discussion and support.

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