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About the software component

The eDelivery Access Point (AP) implements a standardised message exchange protocol that ensures interoperable, secure and reliable data exchange. A eDelivery AP is an implementation of the AS4 Profile developed by e-SENS. AS4 is an open technical specification for the secure and payload-agnostic exchange of data using Web Services. According to OASIS, the AS4 protocol is the modern successor of the AS2 protocol. 

Domibus is the Open Source project of the AS4 Access Point maintained by the European Commission. Third-party software vendors offer alternative implementations of the e-SENS AS4 Profile (commercial or open-source). Each software vendor also provides different added-value services from integration to the support of day-to-day operations. For safeguarding interoperability, eDelivery encourages implementers to consult the list of software products that have passed the conformance tests by the European Commission of the eSENS AS4 profile, available here.

The sample software, Domibus, may be used to get familiar with the e-SENS AS4 profile in a test environment or as a working solution in a production environment. The users of the sample implementation remain fully responsible for its integration with backend systems, deployment and operation. The support and maintenance of the sample implementation, as well as any other auxiliary services, are provided by the European Commission according to the terms defined in the eDelivery Access Point Component Offering Description.

Users of the software component

  • Service Providers: may offer their services to integrate backend systems with a eDelivery Access Point (AP) or to install and operate a eDelivery Access Point (AP).
  • Software Providers: may develop software conformant to the AS4 Profile as a commercial product or as an Open Source project.
  • Policy Domain Owners: may use the eDelivery Access Point (AP) to create a secure network for the exchange of data and documents based on technical specifications supported by the market (i.e. AS4).

Benefits for the users of the software component

  • Increased security of document and data exchange that run on the public internet;
  • Reduced learning curve of service providers of document and data exchange networks;
  • Reduced costs of creating, maintaining and operating document and data exchange networks;
  • Accelerated delivery time of a working document and data exchange networks.