Information Society and Media Directorate-General

Evaluation & Monitoring

Implementing the Commission's Evaluation Policy

Our Evaluation Unit is responsible for implementing the Commission's Evaluation Policy across all DG's activities, in association with DG Budget.

The Commission has decided to significantly strengthen evaluation and monitoring as part of the reform programme for sound and efficient management.

A set of Guideline explains the scope of evaluation within the Commission and how to organise, plan and carry out evaluation activities at different stages of programmes, activities and policies. It also gives advice on how to disseminate and follow-up on the resulting findings.

This requires that all actions are judged according to their results, impacts and needs they aim to satisfy.

Evaluation Plan of DG Information Society and Media

The Evaluation Unit supports policy-making, plans and manages external, independent evaluations, promotes coherence in self-assessment, and fosters a constructive dialogue between evaluators and operational units.


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