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A couple in the middle of a crowd 02/10/2013

The future of the Economic and Monetary Union: Commission proposes ideas to deepen social integration

The European Commission has proposed to create a new scoreboard to allow for better and earlier identification of major employment and social problems in the framework of the European Semester, the EU's yearly economic policy-making cycle.

Three workers in a restaurant's kitchen 13/08/2013

Market testing for the implementation of the social entrepreneurship support under the EaSI programme (2014-2020) – information for potential fund managers

The European Commission is launching a market testing exercise to find out if a call for the selection of a fund manager for the financial instruments in the area of social entrepreneurship finance to be established under the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) would meet interest and qualified response.

Roma: Commission calls on Member States to step up efforts on integration 26/06/2013

Roma: Commission calls on Member States to step up efforts on integration

The European Commission has called on Member States to deliver on their commitments to ensure equality and to do more to improve the economic and social integration of Europe's 10 to 12 million Roma.

 A woman taking care of an old man 17/06/2013

Major reforms needed to improve the quality of care for older people, says new report

According to a new OECD report sponsored by the European Commission. the fastest-growing age group are people over 80 whose number will almost triple by 2060, rising from 4.6% of the population to 12% in 2050 in the European Union.

Child-minder reading to a group of toddlers at a nursery 23/05/2013

Social investment explained in latest issue of Social Agenda magazine

The most successful and competitive economies in the world are the ones which have the most effective social protection systems, the most developed social partnerships and have started making the transition from the welfare state to the social investment state.

Cities for Active Inclusion - national events 07/05/2013

Cities for Active Inclusion - national events

EUROCITIES Cities for Active Inclusion partners will host eight national events between June and October in 2013.

Commission maps local authorities striving to include their Roma populations 15/04/2013

Commission maps local authorities striving to include their Roma populations

The European Commission has prepared an interactive map of regions, cities and municipalities that are committed to integrate their Roma population and that have joined initiatives to support them to reach this goal.

Roma children 08/04/2013

International Roma Day: Commission calls for decisive action to further Roma integration

On International Roma Day, the European Commission has underlined the need for further efforts by the Member States to improve the situation for Roma communities in Europe.

A bright blue umbrella in the middle of many dark grey umbrellas 08/03/2013

Assessment of the implementation of the European Commission Recommendation on active inclusion - A study of national policies

The European Network of Independent Experts on Social Inclusion reviews the implementation of the 2008 Active Inclusion Recommendation in Member States and presents practical and wide-ranging suggestions as to how to make it more effective to build a more inclusive and more social Europe.

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