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Roma integration: EU Framework triggers first results 04/04/2014

Roma integration: EU Framework triggers first results

Concerted action by the European Commission has put Roma integration firmly on the political agenda across Europe.

Council of Europe and European Commission to support local authorities' Roma inclusion actions 25/02/2014

Council of Europe and European Commission to support local authorities' Roma inclusion actions

Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland and European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion László Andor announced today plans to reinforce local authorities' efforts to overcome inequalities between Roma and non-Roma citizens in their municipalities.

Young people 12/02/2014

Social Agenda – Youth employment

The latest issue of Social Agenda highlights the need for a new approach to employment, social and inclusion policy to promote youth employment: a combination of urgent, highly targeted measures supporting young people directly and of longer term structural reforms.

Roma boy 09/12/2013

First ever EU legal instrument for Roma inclusion adopted

All 28 EU countries today committed to implementing a set of recommendations, proposed by the European Commission, to step up the economic and social integration of Roma communities.

EU actively participates in ILO Governing Body 18/11/2013

EU actively participates in ILO Governing Body

The EU and its Member states actively contributed to the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which met in Geneva from 16 to 31 October.

A family running together in a forest 07/11/2013

Tracking quality of life in Europe – new analysis by the Eurofound

The third wave of the European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS) records many aspects of the quality of life in Europe in 2011-12. These include social, economic, environmental and work-related elements, as well as subjective well-being and the quality of society. Together they make up a multidimensional picture of quality of life relevant to policymaking within the EU.

Teacher helping student with car engine 30/10/2013

Social Agenda – Innovation is also valid for employment and social policy

Innovation can help promote inclusive growth, fight against poverty, ensure a successful transition to a green economy and implement the youth guarantee, says the November issue of Social Agenda.

A couple in the middle of a crowd 02/10/2013

The future of the Economic and Monetary Union: Commission proposes ideas to deepen social integration

The European Commission has proposed to create a new scoreboard to allow for better and earlier identification of major employment and social problems in the framework of the European Semester, the EU's yearly economic policy-making cycle.

Three workers in a restaurant's kitchen 13/08/2013

Market testing for the implementation of the social entrepreneurship support under the EaSI programme (2014-2020) – information for potential fund managers

The European Commission is launching a market testing exercise to find out if a call for the selection of a fund manager for the financial instruments in the area of social entrepreneurship finance to be established under the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) would meet interest and qualified response.

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