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Public consultation on the implementation and application of Council Directive 79/7/EEC on the progressive implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women in matters of social security


Policy field(s)

  • Gender equality
  • Justice
  • Social security

Target groups

We welcome contributions from all citizens and stakeholders, EU Member States, EU institutions and other bodies, national, regional and local authorities, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, researchers with an interest in gender equality issues and/or social security issues, equality bodies, social partners, civil society organizations and other organisations or individuals.

Period of consultation

This public consultation is open from 21/09 to 14/12/2015.

Objective of the consultation

This public consultation is a part of the evaluation of the Council Directive 79/7/EEC on the progressive implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women in matters of social security under the recently adopted Commission's Better Regulation Framework. This public consultation will be used to collect the views of the broad public in the context of evaluating the implementation and application of Directive 79/7/EEC.

This Directive was adopted in 1978. Since that time European gender equality law and national social security systems covered by the Directive have been substantively developed and reformed. It is therefore appropriate that the Commission conducts an assessment in terms of the efficiency, effectiveness, coherence, relevance, sustainability and EU added-value with a specific focus on identifying possibilities for modernisation.

The feedback on the implementation and application of Directive 79/7/EEC will be instrumental for the Commission's reflections as to whether to propose action in relation to the modernisation of this Directive and the form it could take.  

How to submit your contribution

You can contribute to this public consultation by filling out the online questionnaire on the EU survey website. You may find it useful to refer to the reference documents which are published with this consultation.

In the interest of transparency, the Commission asks organisations that wish to submit comments in the context of public consultations to provide the Commission and the public at large with information about whom and what they represent by registering in the Transparency Register and subscribing to its Code of Conduct. If an organisation decides not to provide this information, it is the Commission's stated policy to list the contribution as part of the individual contributions. (Consultation Standards, see COM (2002) 704, and Communication on ETI Follow-up, see COM (2007) 127 of 21/03/2007).

If you are a registered organisation, please indicate your Register ID number when replying to the online questionnaire. Your contribution will then be considered as representative of the views of your organisation.

If your organisation is not registered, you have the opportunity to Register now. Then you can return to this page and submit your contribution as a registered organisation.

The Contributions received will be published on the Internet. It is important to read the specific privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be used.

Reference documents

Contact details

Responsible service: European Commission, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, Equality Legislation Unit (JUST D.1)


Data Protection Disclaimer

Received contributions, together with the identity of the contributor, will be published on the Internet, unless the contributor objects to publication of the personal data on the grounds that such publication would harm his or her legitimate interests. In this case the contribution may be published in anonymous form. Otherwise the contribution will not be published nor will, in principle, its content be taken into account.

For further information on privacy rulings for this public consultation see the following specific privacy statementpdf(15 kB).