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Eurobarometer 2012 on perceptions of discrimination in the EU


The European Commission releases today a new Eurobarometer on discrimination in the European Union.

This survey looks into attitudes and perceptions of Europeans towards discrimination, based on different grounds (gender, ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, age, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity). As the last Eurobarometer on this topic, published in 2009, this survey also includes several questions on the impact of the crisis on the implementation of anti-discrimination policies and efforts. New questions have been added to cover important or emerging topics, such as the situation of the Roma in Europe, discrimination outside the workplace or the links between discrimination and accessibility. Perceptions on discrimination against transsexual and transgender persons are also explored for the first time. 

Results are available in a final report and in national factsheets for all 27 Member States.

Eurobarometer n° 393

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