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'Right to be forgotten' and online search engines ruling


As Google announced it would take the necessary measures to comply with the European Court of Justice's landmark ruling from 13 May on the right to be forgotten, Vice-President Reding said the following: "It is a good development that Google has announced that it will finally take the necessary measures to respect European law. It was about time since European data protection laws exist since 1995. It took the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to say so. The right to be forgotten and the right to free information are not foes but friends."

To those who claim the ruling and the right to be forgotten endangered media freedom she firmly replied: "It's not about protecting one at the expense of the other but striking the right balance in order to protect both. The European Court made it clear that two rights do not make a wrong and has given clear directions on how this balance can be found and where the limits of the right to be forgotten lie. The Court also made clear that journalistic work must not be touched; it is to be protected.

Consult a factsheet on ECJ's rulingpdf Choose translations of the previous link  on the 'right to be forgotten' for more details, the facts of the case, and how it affects you.