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Consultation on Protecting the European Union's Financial Interests and Enhancing Prosecutions


Policy field(s)

  • Criminal law

Target groups

This questionnaire on fighting fraud against the EU's financial interests primarily seeks to consult justice professionals, such as active judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officials. 

Period of consultation

From 7 March to 8 June 2012

Objective of the consultation

The EU needs to strengthen its rules to combat the misuse of EU money and avoid that damage is caused to the financial interests of the EU. Besides the EU itself, many citizens and companies are adversely affected every year by fraud and other financial offences targeting the EU's budget. Ultimately, the EU's economy suffers from it. Although a number of measures have already been taken, in the current economic crisis it is urgent to ensure that they are effective and that taxpayers' money is safe.

The Commission intends to propose a series of further measures to improve the protection of the European Union's budget and enhance criminal prosecutions in this area. The Commission expects that these measures will improve enforcement and save money from misuse. This money could be reallocated to legitimate and useful purposes, in particular to enhance growth and welfare inside the EU.  

Since these proposals will have an impact on the way suspected criminals are prosecuted in the EU, judicial practitioners, including judges and prosecutors, as well as police and customs officers, auditors and other financial experts may have an interest in making comments. This consultation gives them the opportunity to present their views to the Commission and focus on specific questions which are attached herewith. This will help the Commission to develop its proposals so that they bring real added value.

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The consultation is now closed.

Contact details

Responsible service: Directorate B. Advisor - Directorate-General Justice, European Commission 

European Commission
DG Justice / B.ADVISOR
Office LX 46 1/190
B-1049 Brussels

Results of consultation and next steps

A summary of the main outcomes of the public consultation will be included among the documents accompanying a possible legislative initiative. The contributions have been made availablepdf(958 kB) Choose translations of the previous link .

Data Protection Disclaimer

Incoming contributions are published on the website. It is possible to request that submissions remain confidential. In this case, contributors should expressly state in their submission that they oppose publication.

For further information on privacy rulings for this public consultation see the following Specific Privacy Statementpdf(17 kB) Choose translations of the previous link .