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DG Justice hosts conference to discuss consumer problems with digital products


DG Justice hosted a one-day conference (agendapdf(67 kB)) on Wednesday 16 November to discuss consumer problems with digital products, such as e-mail, social networks, music, films, e-books or e-learning services. Problems include incomplete or incomprehensible information, interrupted access to content and faulty products.

Two independent studies carried out on request of the European Commission were officially presented at the conference, which was attended amongst other by national justice, consumer and telecoms authorities, consumer information centres and organisations, and business representatives.

The studies shed further light on the extent of the problems and analyse the legal situation for digital products in the Member States.

The studies will feed into the Commission’s ongoing work aimed to ensure a stepped up enforcement of the existing legislation also to purchases of digital content and to assess the need for further possible adaptation of EU consumer legislation to changing markets.


Europe Economics: "Digital content services for consumers: Assessment of problems experienced by consumers"pdf(2 MB) (2011) and Appendix 9: Output from the consumer surveypdf(2 MB)

University of Amsterdam (Professor M.B.M. Loos): "Analysis of the applicable legal frameworks and suggestions for the contours of a model system of consumer protection in relation to digital content contracts" pdf(2 MB)(2011)