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European elections - the ground is prepared for a more democratic process and greater participation, say two new reports


Two months ahead of the European Parliament elections, two new reports published by the Commission provide an overview of the decisive steps taken to make these elections even more democratic and to bring European politics closer to citizens. One report analyses how the Commission's recommendations for increasing the transparency and democratic legitimacy of the European elections, made last year (IP/13/215), have been taken up by Member States and political parties. A crucial recommendation was notably to ask European political parties to nominate lead candidates for the post of President of the Commission. A second report looks at the new communication tool of Citizens' Dialogues developed by the Commission over the last 18 months as an instrument to inform people, restore trust in European and national institutions and make citizens aware that their voice does count in the EU. The publication of these two reports coincides with a Pan-European Citizens' Dialogue taking place in Brussels today with over 150 citizens coming from all over Europe (IP/14/295).

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