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European Technology Platforms (ETPs)

2010 ETP Conference
Working together on societal challenges
Charlemagne building, Brussels, 11-12 May 2010

This conference will enable ETPs to discuss opportunities to collaborate in addressing societal challenges and to exchange experiences and best practices on innovation.

Participation is by invitation only


This Conference will bring together 350 representatives of industry, academia, civil society, EU member-states and Commission departments for a two-day event focused on European Technology Platforms (ETPs). The Conference aims to engage ETPs in:

  • Working together on key areas of common interest that contribute, in terms of R&D activities, to tackle particular societal challenges.
  • Extending their activities to issues related to innovation and the demand side

For more information about ETPs, visit our website, and read our status report [ 2.9 MB] and latest newsletter.

Contact Contact the ETP Secretariat at the European Commission's Research DG

The ETP newsletter disseminates information of interest for the ETP community; news regarding the internal organisation of platforms, successful projects and policy developments. It is circulated by email and uploaded on the website three times a year. Please click here to register.

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