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A term is a statistical concept used in everyday statistical work. They can be found in legal acts, methodological manuals, gentlemen's agreements, etc.
A variable is more restricted and can be defined as a dimension used in the data sets and tables disseminated on Eurostat web site. A link is provided to the relevant data sets and tables.
Term Term extension    
(n,k) rule Statistical methodologies Term Detail
(p,q) rule Statistical methodologies Term Detail
4th Directive
(synonym of 'Fourth Directive (of the Council on the annual accounts of certain types of companies) [repealed]')
Business statistics Term Detail

(abbreviation of 'Six Sigma')
Quality, Framework Term Detail
(abbreviation of 'Agricultural area (AA)')
Agriculture Term Detail
(abbreviation of 'Average annual growth rate (AAGR)')
Environment Term Detail
(abbreviation of 'Agricultural area in use')
Agriculture Term Detail
Abandoned wine-growing area Agriculture statistics Term Detail
Abnormal obsolescence OECD terminology Term Detail
Abortion Demography Term Detail
Above-stump woody biomass Forestry Term Detail
Abroad sector Frascati Manual Term Detail
Absolute decoupling Environment Term Detail
Absolute or extreme poverty Social statistics Term Detail
Academic staff Education Var. Detail
Academic year Education - ISCED Term Detail
Acceptance region UN - Data editing terminology Term Detail
Acceptance rule UN - Data editing terminology Term Detail
Access Statistical concept Term Detail
Access facilities EU legislation Term Detail
Access point Postal statistics Term Detail
Access to confidential data EU legislation Term Detail
Accessibility Statistical concept Term Detail
Accessibility Quality, Description, Criteria; Peer reviews Term Detail
Accessibility EU-SILC Term Detail
Accessibility of services EU-SILC Term Detail
Accident Transport Term Detail
Accident Health Term Detail
Accident at work Health Var. Detail
Accident between road vehicle and pedestrian Transport Term Detail
Accident having only a medical origin in the course of work Social statistics Term Detail
Accident in air transport Transport Var. Detail
Accident involving the transport of dangerous goods Transport Term Detail
Accident on a nationally registered aircraft Transport Var. Detail
Accident on board any means of transport in the course of work Social statistics Term Detail
Accident on national territory Var. Detail
Accident on public highway or places in the course of work Social statistics Term Detail
Accident resulting in death or injury Road transport Term Detail
Accident with drivers reported under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication Transport Term Detail
Accidental breach
(see 'Breach')
Data protection Term Detail

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