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State Aid

State Aid Cases


Policy Area Case Number Member
Decision Date
State Aid C36/2008 Italy 02.12.2009 Sulcis power plant project
State Aid C8/2009 Italy 15.09.2010 Fri-el Acerra s.r.l.
State Aid N143/2009 Cyprus 02.07.2009 Project Grant to encourage electricity generation from large commercial wind, solar, photovoltaic systems and the use of biomass
State Aid N178/2010 Spain 29.09.2010 Preferential dispatch of indigenous coal plants
State Aid N180/2009 Italy 04.11.2009 IT - LIP - En Plus Centrale Termoelettrica di San Severo (FG)
State Aid N216/2008 Spain 05.08.2008 plan d'amélioration des infrastructures electriques dans la region de valence
State Aid N22/2009 United Kingdom 29.07.2009 The Renewables Obligation - Northern Ireland
State Aid N235/2009 Germany 07.08.2009 Modification of the scheme "aid for the use of renewable energies"
State Aid N259/2010 United Kingdom 22.07.2010 Amendment to the Renewables Obligation – Scotland (wave and tidal stream generation)
State Aid N274/2008 France 25.02.2009 Solar Nano Crystal
State Aid N295/2008 Austria 24.03.2010 Investment aid to Mellach power plant
State Aid N335/2006 Germany 19.07.2006 Aid to CSG Solar
State Aid N354/2008 Denmark 10.03.2009 Supplement for electricity from new wind turbines
State Aid N354/2009 Slovenia 26.10.2009 Support for production of electricity from renewable energy sources and in co-generation installations
State Aid N356/2008 Denmark 01.04.2009 Supplement for electricity generated with bio gas
State Aid N359/2008 Denmark 01.04.2009 Supplement for electricity generated by incinerating biomass
State Aid N364/2009 Italy 10.11.2009 State aid for the creation of a cogeneration power plant and for the recovery and use of waste heat from industrial processes to be connected to a district heating network in the area of Aosta - Italy (Valle d'Aosta)
State Aid N381/2010 Netherlands 27.10.2010 $ - CCS project in Rotterdam harbour area
State Aid N384/2008 Slovakia 20.04.2009 Environmental aid to Dalkia Vrable a.s.
State Aid N391/2006 Denmark 09.11.2007 Tax Rate Reductions: Heat Produced in CHPs, Heat Produced by Electricity, and Process Heat
State Aid N394/2007 Denmark 13.03.2008 Non-appliance to windpower plants of lower depreciation rate
State Aid N405/2008 Poland 01.10.2009 Regional aid scheme for investments in energy, telecommunications infrastructure, R&D infrastructure and spa therapeutics
State Aid N419/2009 Malta 13.01.2010 Investments in electricity transmission and interconnector infrastructure
State Aid N435/2008 Poland 05.08.2009 Regional aid scheme for a construction and reconstruction of the gas distribution network.
State Aid N437/2009 Romania 21.01.2010 Aid scheme for the promotion of co-generation.
State Aid N45/2010 Denmark 05.06.2013 Modification of Electricity Production Grant (DK)
State Aid N455/2009 Spain 30.10.2009 Plan de mejora de la calidad del suministro eléctrico de Galicia 2009-2013
State Aid N47/2008 Austria 10.06.2008 Modification of feed-in tariffs for electricity from renewable sources.
State Aid N493/2009 France 24.03.2010 $ - Projet GAYA
State Aid N506/2010 Slovakia 20.02.2013 Partial financing of decommissioning of two already shut down nuclear plants (A1 and V1)
State Aid N521/2008 Germany 27.10.2010 Offshore R&D Windpark, Borkum, Germany
State Aid N529/2008 Italy 12.09.2011 Application of Directive 2003/96/EC on restructuring the Community framework for the taxation of energy products and electricity – Excise duty exemption for vegetal oil
State Aid N54/2009 Poland 02.07.2009 Aid for modernisation of heating distribution networks in Poland
State Aid N542/2010 Poland 06.01.2011 Construction of interconnection and cross-border power line between Poland and Lithuania
State Aid N556/2010 United Kingdom 09.02.2011 Amendments to the Renewables Obligation Northern Ireland 2011
State Aid N557/2010 United Kingdom 01.02.2011 Amendments to the Renewables Obligation Certificate Scheme 2011
State Aid N567/2007 Denmark 21.12.2007 Modification of electricity production grant (N 466/2002)"
State Aid N590/2008 United Kingdom 26.03.2009 Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Order 2009
State Aid N594/2009 Poland 15.03.2010 Aid to Gaz-System SA for gas transmission networks in Poland
State Aid N6/2007 Poland 11.09.2007 Prolongation of the case PL 10/2004
State Aid N6/2009 Italy 29.05.2009 Piemonte - Investments in solar energy on decommissioned landfills
State Aid N623/2009 Spain 23.06.2010 Accord de coopération entre le Ministère de l'Economie et de l'industrie de la Galice et de distribution, Unión Fenosa, SA pour l'enfouissement des lignes électriques dans la Communauté autonome de Galice
State Aid N624/2009 Spain 14.12.2009 Aid to fuel switching for Alcoa Galicia
State Aid N629/2009 Romania 17.12.2010 Grants for investment in electricity and natural gas transmission networks
State Aid N630/2009 France 26.01.2011 Projet T3 Est Parisien « Réalisation d’une canalisation structurante et développement du réseau (Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain) »
State Aid N632/2008 Italy 24.07.2009 Italy (Piemonte)- incentives to foster energy saving and the use of renewable energies in the industry sector
State Aid N65/2010 United Kingdom 30.03.2010 Amendments to the Renewables Obligation Certificates scheme
State Aid N660/2009 Poland 23.06.2010 Aid to PGNiG for underground gas storage in Poland
State Aid N675/2009 Latvia 14.06.2010 Tender for Aid for New Electricity Generation Capacity (LV)
State Aid N676/2009 Spain 19.03.2010 Improvement of the quality of electricity provision in Murcia


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