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     Antitrust cases by event date - Last 3 months

       COMP/39520 Cement and related products (Closure of Proceedings)

       COMP/40023 Cross-border access to pay-TV content (Opening of Proceedings)

       COMP/40220 Qualcomm (exclusivity payments) (Opening of Proceedings)
       COMP/39711 Qualcomm (predation) (Opening of Proceedings)

       COMP/40098 Blocktrains (No Public Version available)

       COMP/39563 Retail Food Packaging (No Public Version available)

       COMP/39767 BEH Electricity (Proposed Commitments)

       COMP/40055 Parking Heaters (No Public Version available)

       COMP/40153 E-book MFNs and related matters (Opening of Proceedings)