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    State Aids cases by date - Last 3 months

    18 december 2014
       SA.39440 Czech Republic, Aid for the protection and reproduction of forest tree genetic resources (Decision)
       SA.34646 Netherlands, E-procurement platform TenderNed (Decision)

    17 december 2014
       SA.39402 Spain, Sale of Catalunya Banc (Decision)
       SA.37122 Denmark, Aid to household wind turbines and offshore wind turbines with an experimental aspect (Decision)
       SA.36204 Denmark, Aid to photovoltaic installations and other renewable energy installations (Decision)

    16 december 2014
       SA.39514 Italy, Loi 313/04 Discipline sur l'Apiculture (Decision)
       SA.38997 Spain, Aides à la reconversion des plantations de certains fruits secs et de caroubiers (Decision)
       SA.38822 Hungary, Amendment to the agricultural weather risk management scheme (SA.33418) (Decision)
       SA.38522 Slovenia, Restructuring aid for Banka Celje/Abanka (Decision)

    15 december 2014
       SA.38178 Poland, Reconstruction of heating infrastructure in Jaslo destroyed by the floods of 2010 (Decision)

    12 december 2014
       SA.36006 Greece, December 2012 Recapitalisation of Eurobank (Public version available)
       SA.35388 Poland, Setting up the Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport (Public version available)
       SA.34825 Greece, HFSF Recapitalisation commitment to EFG Eurobank (Public version available)
       SA.34488 Greece, Restructuring aid to Proton bank through creation and capitalisation of Nea Proton and additional recapitalisation of New Proton Bank by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (Public version available)
       SA.34445 Denmark, The transfer of property-related assets from FIH to the FSC (Public version available)
       SA.31155 Greece, € - $ - Resolution of Hellenic Postbank through the creation of a bridge bank (Public version available)
       SA.16237 France, Aide à la restructuration de la SNCM (Public version available)

    11 december 2014
       SA.39299 France, Crédit d'impôt en faveur de la création de jeux vidéo - modifications (Decision)
       SA.39273 United Kingdom, Regional Growth Fund (RGF)- evaluation plan (Decision)
       SA.38739 Luxembourg, Régime d'aide à l'innovation (LU) - extension of duration of expired scheme (Decision)
       SA.38025 Italy, Prolongation of National Broadband Plan - Italy (Decision)

    10 december 2014
       SA.39426 Italy, Rescue aid to PICFIC in AS, health care services operator in the region of Lazio (Decision)
       SA.38751 Czech Republic, Evaluation plan for the scheme "Investment incentives" – Czech Republic (Decision)
       SA.38566 France, Aide fiscale à l’investissement outre-mer (logement social) (Decision)
       SA.37582 France, Projet de développement de l'aéroport de La Réunion - Roland Garros (Decision)
       SA.37394 Italy, Method of calculating Gross grant equivalent under the form of a subsidised interest rate for activities in the agricultural sector (Decision)

    08 december 2014
       SA.38832 Portugal, Reduced rate of excise duty applied to liqueurs and eaux-de-vie produced and consumed in the Autonomous Region of the Azores for the period 1.07.2014-31.12.2020 (Decision)

    05 december 2014
       SA.39486 Slovakia, Prolongation of aid to cover exceptional costs of the Baňa Dolina lignite mining filed (Public version available)
       SA.38979 Germany, THÜRINGEN - NOHR (Decision)
       SA.38969 Germany, THÜRINGEN - SCHRÖER (Decision)
       SA.38866 Austria, Aid to make good damage caused by floods (Public version available)
       SA.38810 Belgium, Reprise des actifs de la SA Val Saint-Lambert dans le cadre de sa procédure de faillite (Public version available)
       SA.38793 Italy, Methodology of ISMEA to calculate the aid element of guarantees (Public version available)
       SA.38690 Germany, NGA Bayern Abänderung (Public version available)
       SA.38676 Italy, Aides au secteur forestier – 10.000 hectares de forêts et systèmes verts multifonctionnels (Public version available)
       SA.38327 Germany, Early stage capital for young innovative enterprises, Brandenburg, Germany (Public version available)
       SA.37409 Slovakia, State aid scheme for the support of the culture of national minorities provided in Slovakia by the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic (Decision)
       SA.36662 Sweden, State Aid granted to Øresundsbro Konsortiet (Public version available)
       SA.36558 Denmark, State Aid granted to Øresundsbro Konsortiet (Public version available)
       SA.36234 Bulgaria, Broadband network project in Bulgaria (Public version available)

    04 december 2014
       SA.35062 Portugal, Restructuring of CGD (Public version available)

    03 december 2014
       SA.39375 Italy, Tax incentives for audiovisual works (Decision)
       SA.39354 United Kingdom, Mode Shift Revenue Support (MSRS) scheme (Decision)
       SA.39120 France, Mortalité des huîtres creuses (Public version available)
       SA.35443 France, Fonds de garantie pêche des DOM + MAYOTTE (Public version available)

    28 november 2014
       SA.38370 Belgium, Modifications du "tax shelter" pour soutenir des oeuvres audiovisuelles (Decision)

    26 november 2014
       SA.18832 Lithuania, Biofuel - Environmental Protection (Public version available)

    25 november 2014
       SA.39854 Bulgaria, First Investment Bank - Restructuring plan (Decision)
       SA.38728 Germany, Besondere Ausgleichsregelung für Schienenbahnen (Decision)
       SA.38674 Germany, Subordinated loans for SMEs in Saxony 2014-2020 (Decision)
       SA.33995 Germany, Support of renewable electricity and reduced EEG surcharge for energy-intensive users (Decision)

    21 november 2014
       N462/2009 Poland, Aid for transport infrastructure - the construction and operation of the A2 motorway section ?wiecko - New Tomysl (Public version available)
       N347/2009 Slovakia, Bana Dolina, a.s. (Public version available)
       N188/2010 Slovenia, Budget modification of a tonnage tax scheme in favour of international maritime transport (Public version available)
       N1/2014 United Kingdom, € - $ - Monitoring of Bradford & Bingley (Public version available)
       N1/2014 United Kingdom, € - $ - Monitoring of Northern Rock (Public version available)
       SA.39270 France, Extension à Mayotte du Fonds de garantie en faveur de l’agriculture et de la pêche (FOGAP) -aspects agricoles et forestiers-. (Public version available)
       SA.39015 Poland, Tenth prolongation of the Polish bank guarantee scheme (Public version available)
       SA.38986 Hungary, Aid to Apollo Tyres (Hungary) Kft (Public version available)
       SA.38985 Ireland, 5th prolongation of the Credit Union Resolution Scheme H2 2014 (Public version available)
       SA.38641 France, Taux d''accise réduit sur le rhum "traditionnel" produit en Guadeloupe, en Guyane, en Martinique et à La Réunion (Public version available)
       SA.38478 Hungary, Development of the Győr-Gönyű National Public Port (Public version available)
       SA.38371 Denmark, Tax advantages for the construction and operation of the Oresund Fixed Link (Public version available)
       SA.38362 France, Modification du dispositif d’exonération de la taxe spéciale sur les conventions d’assurances des contrats d’assurance maladie dits « solidaires et responsables (Public version available)
       SA.38324 Spain, Restructuring aid for Alestis (Public version available)
       SA.38242 United Kingdom, Agricultural and Horticultural Levy Board Market Research Scheme (Public version available)
       SA.38159 France, Taux réduit d''accise applicable au fioul domestique à usage agricole et au gaz naturel utilisé pour le chauffage de serres à usage agricole (Public version available)
       SA.38130 Austria, Alleviation of extraordinary income losses because of non-insurable crops and permanent crops yielding lower returns in undertakings particularly affected by the 2013 drought (Public version available)
       SA.37921 Latvia, Tax exemptions for primary producers (Public version available)
       SA.37738 United Kingdom, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Research Challenge Fund (Northern Ireland) 2013 - 2016 (Public version available)
       SA.37539 France, Aide à l''investissement dans les exploitations agricoles du secteur des fruits, des légumes, de l''horticulture, pommes de terre, du tabac, du houblon, des champignons et de l''apiculture (Public version available)
       SA.37538 France, Régime d''aides à l''investissement dans les exloitations agricoles du secteur de l''élevage (Public version available)
       SA.37347 Italy, Biogas installations in Alto Adige/Südtirol (Public version available)
       SA.37342 United Kingdom, Regional Stadia Development in Northern Ireland (Public version available)
       SA.36754 Hungary, LIP - HU - Aid for AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Ltd (Public version available)
       SA.36178 Italy, Consortium Casalasco del Pomodoro – Agricultural Cooperative Society (Public version available)
       SA.35982 France, Paiements au titre de la directice cadre sur l''eau (DCE) (Public version available)

    19 november 2014
       SA.39096 Slovakia, Closure of the Cigel lignite mining field (Decision)

    14 november 2014
       C17/2008 Czech Republic, Complaint against the domestic road transport public services in the Usti Region (Public version available)

    11 november 2014
       SA.37726 Germany, Bund: Pilot and demonstration projects in the area of animal welfare in a broader sense (Decision)

    07 november 2014
       SA.39250 Portugal, Banco Espirito Santo (Public version available)
       SA.38916 Germany, Berlin: Removal and destruction of fallen stock (Decision)
       SA.38862 Czech Republic, Aid for processing of agricultural products and increase of competitiveness of the food industry (Public version available)
       SA.38812 United Kingdom, Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm (Public version available)
       SA.38778 Portugal, Second prolongation of the Portuguese State Guarantee Scheme on EIB lending (Public version available)
       SA.38763 United Kingdom, Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm (Public version available)
       SA.38761 United Kingdom, Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm (Public version available)
       SA.38759 United Kingdom, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm (Public version available)
       SA.38758 United Kingdom, Walney Offshore Wind Farm (Public version available)
       SA.38585 Denmark, Afforestation in neutral areas (prolongation of SA.35189 until 31.12.2014) (Public version available)
       SA.38577 Belgium, Regional Aid Map for Belgium (2014-2020) (Public version available)
       SA.38562 Ireland, Transfer of the last tranches (from tranches 3 to 9) of assets to NAMA (Public version available)
       SA.38532 Poland, Parker Hannifin ESSC Sp. z o. o. (Public version available)
       SA.38517 Romania, Micula v Romania (ICSID arbitration award) (Public version available)
       SA.38440 United Kingdom, Forestry Grant Schemes (Public version available)
       SA.38376 Germany, Hamburg: Removal and destruction of fallen stock (Public version available)
       SA.38334 Germany, Germany (Sachsen-Anhalt): Compensation for losses caused by floods 2013 (losses in the agricultural sector) (Public version available)
       SA.38228 Slovenia, Restructuring of Abanka Vipa Group - Slovenia (Public version available)
       SA.38137 Bulgaria, Measure 223 "First afforestation of non-agricultural land" and measure 226 "Restoring forestry potential and introducing prevention actions" of the Bulgarian Rural Development programme (2007 - 2013) (Public version available)
       SA.38133 Austria, Measure to secure the subsistence of the farms affected by the drought in 2013 (Public version available)
       SA.38131 Austria, Aid to mitigate the additional expenses for replacement feed for farms with forage areas which were particularly affected by the drought in 2013 (Public version available)
       SA.37918 Austria, Support for forestry advisory services in Austria (Public version available)
       SA.37895 Germany, Bavaria: Implementation of the reconstruction program Floods 2013 (forestry) (Public version available)
       SA.37872 Bulgaria, Compensation of losses incurred by agricultural producers for totally devasted areas as a result of natural disasters or adverse weather conditions (Public version available)
       SA.37863 Germany, Compensation for animal deaths according to the Law on animal health (Public version available)
       SA.37800 France, aides de l'agence de l’eau Artois-Picardie aux engagements agroenvironnementaux dans le bassin Artois Picardie (EAEAP) (Public version available)
       SA.37441 United Kingdom, Welsh Red Meat Advertising Scheme (Public version available)
       SA.36196 United Kingdom, Contract for Difference for renewables in UK (Public version available)
       SA.36139 United Kingdom, Video games tax relief (Public version available)
       SA.35062 Portugal, Restructuring of CGD (Public version available)
       SA.33045 Germany, Alleged unlawful aid in favour of Kristall Bäder AG (Public version available)
       SA.29834 United Kingdom, Amendment to the restructuring plan of Lloyds Banking Group (Public version available)
       SA.20949 Poland, Technologie Buczek (Public version available)
       SA.18042 Spain, Tax exemption for biofuels (Public version available)

    06 november 2014
       SA.38428 Finland, Individual aid to off-shore wind farm demonstration project (Decision)

    30 october 2014
       SA.38161 Italy, Temporary stop in 2013 for units using trawling and / or steering systems (Decision)

    29 october 2014
       C25/2009 Italy, Digital cinema tax credit (Decision)
       SA.38982 Latvia, LIP-Latvia: regional investment aid for a large investment project by Baltic New Technologies (Decision)
       SA.38964 Spain, PREMURSA THEME-PARK,S.A. MU/1342/P02 (Decision)
       SA.37137 France, Avance récupérable pour le programme de recherche et développement TS3000 (Decision)

    28 october 2014
       SA.38766 France, Projet d''investissement Crête d''or - complexe industriel d''abattage de volailles. (Decision)
       SA.38271 France, Plan de relance autoroutier (Decision)
       SA.37824 Portugal, Portuguese Development Institution (Decision)
       SA.37122 Denmark, Aid to household wind turbines and offshore wind turbines with an experimental aspect (Decision)
       SA.36023 Estonia, Support scheme for electricity produced from renewable sources and efficient co-generation (Decision)
       SA.30481 France, State Aid in favour of Agence France-Press (AFP) (Decision)

    27 october 2014
       SA.39224 Greece, Reset of Greek Motorway Concession Projects – Moreas Motorway (Decision)
       SA.39112 Germany, Guidelines for financial contributions for seafarer training. Aid scheme. Germany. (Decision)
       SA.38866 Austria, Aid to make good damage caused by floods (Decision)
       SA.36007 Greece, December 2012 Recapitalisation of National Bank of Greece (Decision)
       SA.34824 Greece, HFSF Recapitalisation commitment to National Bank of Greece (Decision)
       SA.34534 Greece, Resolution of Greek cooperative banks (Decision)

    24 october 2014
       SA.39486 Slovakia, Prolongation of aid to cover exceptional costs of the Baňa Dolina lignite mining filed (Decision)
       SA.38347 Romania, Romanian Short-Term Export-Credit Scheme (Decision)
       SA.36204 Denmark, Aid to photovoltaic installations and other renewable energy installations (Decision)

    22 october 2014
       SA.36204 Denmark, Aid to photovoltaic installations and other renewable energy installations (Decision)

    20 october 2014
       SA.38959 Ireland, Irish Film tax relief support scheme modifications (Decision)

    17 october 2014
       SA.39108 Netherlands, The Netherlands - Regional aid map 2014-2020 (Public version available)
       SA.38930 Italy, Regional aid map for Italy (2014-2020) (Public version available)
       SA.38903 Czech Republic, Support for selected activities aimed at reviving swine-breeding (Public version available)
       SA.38902 Czech Republic, Aid for selected activities concerning fight against animal diseases in case of poultry (Public version available)
       SA.38850 Italy, Criteria and modalities for awarding aid in favour of he associations of mutual insurance (Public version available)
       SA.38820 Italy, Dispositions régionales en matière de réglementation et de promotion de l''apiculture (Friuli-Venezia-Giulia) (Public version available)
       SA.38819 Italy, Pige Genetic qualification Research Scheme (Friuli Venezia Giulia) (Public version available)
       SA.38790 Italy, Scheme of industry wide and district contracts (Public version available)
       SA.38789 Italy, ISA Spa aid scheme (Public version available)
       SA.38773 Denmark, Production and pro mille levy funds in agriculture (Public version available)
       SA.38714 France, Aide à l'incvestissement au projet d'autoroute ferroviaire atlantique (Public version available)
       SA.38706 Slovakia, Restoring and maintaining of forestry potential in the military areas (Public version available)
       SA.38639 Netherlands, Modifications to the Twin Hub Project (SA. 31981, SA.34743 and SA.37637) (Public version available)
       SA.38492 Italy, Mesure 223 - Boisement de terres non agricoles (Public version available)
       SA.38452 Italy, Scheme of supply-chain contracts (Public version available)
       SA.38418 Germany, Änderung des Filmförderungsgesetzes (Decision)
       SA.38375 Luxembourg, $ - Alleged aid to FFT (Public version available)
       SA.38373 Ireland, $ - Alleged aid to Apple (Public version available)
       SA.38212 Spain, Basque film support scheme - modifications (Public version available)
       SA.38168 Croatia, Dubrovnik Airport Development (Public version available)
       SA.38070 France, Aides aux investissements d''irrigation individuelle dans les exploitations agricoles en région Languedoc-Roussillon (Public version available)
       SA.38003 Czech Republic, Prolongation of the scheme N 358/2007 – State aid scheme for operators for the modernisation of inland waterway freight transport vessels. (Public version available)
       SA.37884 Ireland, Scheme of Investment Aid for the Development of the Commercial Horticulture Sector 2007-2013 (Public version available)
       SA.37881 France, Aide à l’exploitation de services réguliers de transport combiné de marchandises alternatifs au mode tout routier pour la période 2013-2017 (Public version available)
       SA.37628 Netherlands, Reduced energy tax rates on natural gas for greenhouse horticulture in 2015 – 2024 (Public version available)
       SA.37586 France, Actions financées par le Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Fruits et Légumes (CTIFL) (Public version available)
       SA.37500 Denmark, Aid for restoring forestry potential after storm damage (Public version available)
       SA.31646 Germany, € - $ - Monitoring of Sparkasse Köln-Bonn (Public version available)

    16 october 2014
       SA.37501 France, Soutien aux exploitants en difficulté - Plan de redressement (Decision)
       SA.36262 Ireland, Restructuring and stabilisation scheme for the Credit Union Sector in Ireland (Decision)

    15 october 2014
       C31/2007 Ireland, Alleged State aid to CIE bus companies - Irish Bus and Dublin Bus (Decision)
       SA.39042 Romania, RES support reduction for energy-intensive users (Decision)
       SA.38711 Greece, Interruptibility service for the electric system in Greece (Decision)
       SA.38371 Denmark, Tax advantages for the construction and operation of the Oresund Fixed Link (Decision)
       SA.37624 Slovakia, Alleged illegal State Aid to IMUNA PHARM. (Decision)
       SA.37609 Poland, Aid for the water drainage works in the shafts of closed mines in the Bytom Basin (Decision)
       SA.37320 Poland, Exemption from excise duty on certain use of gas products (Decision)
       SA.37265 Croatia, Alleged aid to Jadrolinija (Croatia) (Decision)
       SA.36662 Sweden, State Aid granted to Øresundsbro Konsortiet (Decision)
       SA.36558 Denmark, State Aid granted to Øresundsbro Konsortiet (Decision)
       SA.36061 United Kingdom, UK Business Bank (Decision)
       SA.35550 Spain, 'Spanish Goodwill III' - tax amortisation of financial goodwill for foreign shareholding acquisitions (Decision)
       SA.35443 France, Fonds de garantie pêche des DOM + MAYOTTE (Decision)
       SA.33797 Slovakia, Alleged aid to NCHZ (Decision)
       SA.26500 Germany, Aéroport d'Altenburg Nobitz - aides en faveur de Ryanair (plainte BDF - Association Fédérale de compagnies aériennes allemandes) (Decision)
       SA.23008 Slovakia, Alleged State aid to SZP and VZP (Slovak health insurance) (Decision)

    08 october 2014
       SA.38324 Spain, Restructuring aid for Alestis (Decision)
       SA.34947 United Kingdom, Support to Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station (Decision)

    07 october 2014
       SA.38944 Luxembourg, $ - Alleged aid to Amazon – Luxembourg (Decision)
       SA.38611 Belgium, Promotion du transport combiné ferroviaire (unités de transport intermodal) et au trafic diffus. Bevordering van het spoor gecombineerd vervoer (intermodale transporteenheden) en diffuse verkeer. (Decision)

    03 october 2014
       SA.38900 Portugal, Concessão extraordinária de garantias pessoais pelo Estado, no âmbito do sistema financeiro. (Public version available)
       SA.38857 Greece, Prolongation of the Guarantee Scheme and the Bond Loan Scheme for Credit Institutions in Greece (Public version available)
       SA.38853 Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Preservation, restoration or improvement of the ecological, protective and recreational functions of forests, biodiversity and a healthy forest ecosystem (Public version available)
       SA.38852 Italy, Aid regime in favour of promotional activities and institutional advertisement of agro-food products (Sardegna) (Public version available)
       SA.38851 Italy, Aid scheme for advertising of food and agricultural products in third countries (Public version available)
       SA.38814 Cyprus, Regional aid map of Cyprus 2014-2020 (Public version available)
       SA.38803 Slovenia, Compensation for losses due to adverse weather conditions - drought in 2013 (Public version available)
       SA.38794 Germany, Prolongation of the German innovation aid scheme for the shipbuilding industry (Public version available)
       SA.38771 Latvia, Investment aid to the Ventspils Free Port Authority - soil stabilisation (Public version available)
       SA.38768 Finland, Aid for the cessation of agricultural production (Public version available)
       SA.38746 Poland, Michelin Polska S.A. (Public version available)
       SA.38672 Netherlands, Flexible depreciation of environmental investments (VAMIL) / sustainable stables and sustainable greenhouses (Public version available)
       SA.38667 Bulgaria, Regional aid map 2014-2020- Bulgaria (Public version available)
       SA.38630 Greece, Compensation of indirect EU ETS costs in Greece (Public version available)
       SA.38615 Luxembourg, Regional aid map for Luxembourg (2014-2020) (Public version available)
       SA.38554 France, Modification de l''aide d’Etat N 111/2006, Aides à la TNT dans les régions sans simulcast (Public version available)
       SA.38495 Belgium, Aid for relocation of undertakings for environmental reasons (Public version available)
       SA.38488 Lithuania, Regional aid scheme for the development of information and communication technology (ICT) projects (Public version available)
       SA.38392 Croatia, Investment incentives for the production of audiovisual works (Public version available)
       SA.38391 Estonia, State compensation of damage incurred by an owner of an international exhibition (Public version available)
       SA.38240 Sweden, Sjöfartsstöd (Public version available)
       SA.38182 France, Regional aid map for France (2014-2020) (Public version available)
       SA.38171 Germany, Tax measures for the compensation of damage caused by the floods of 2013 (Public version available)
       SA.38093 Hungary, LIP - Aid to Hankook Tire Hungary (Public version available)
       SA.37922 Italy, Tax incentives for film production, investment and distribution - prolongation (Public version available)
       SA.37909 Luxembourg, Aides aux petites entreprises nouvelles- Prolongation 30.06.2014 (Public version available)
       SA.37809 Ireland, Afforestation Grant and Premium Scheme (Public version available)
       SA.37769 France, Programme d’aides en faveur de l’élevage bovin en Vendée (Public version available)
       SA.37743 France, Aide au programme Nano2017 (Public version available)
       SA.37677 Germany, Prolongation of "Guarantee scheme of Saxony-Anhalt for working capital loans" (N 311/2008) until and including 30 June 2014 (and budget increase) (Public version available)
       SA.37188 Germany, Restructuring aid to Jakob & Weigel KG (Public version available)
       SA.37121 Spain, Programa de Desarrollo de Vuelos en el Ámbito Territorial de la Región Ultraperiférica de Canarias para 2013-2017. (Public version available)
       SA.36871 Greece, Extension of liquidity support to Greek DEPA (Public version available)
       SA.36598 Netherlands, Restructuring of SNS REAAL (Public version available)
       SA.36511 France, Mécanisme de soutien aux énergies renouvelables et plafonnement de la CSPE (Public version available)
       SA.36323 Greece, Liquidity support to Greek PPC (Public version available)
       SA.36290 United Kingdom, Extension of Northern Ireland Gas Pipeline to West and North West (Public version available)
       SA.36080 Italy, Subsidized loans to undertakings that suffered damage caused by the 2012 earthquakes in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto for taxes and social security contributions - Amendment to SA.35413 (2012/NN) (Public version available)
       SA.35980 United Kingdom, UK capacity mechanism (Public version available)
       SA.35683 Denmark, Tax for advertising to households (Public version available)
       SA.35608 Greece, Hellenic Post (ELTA) - Compensation fund for the financing of the universal postal service (Public version available)
       SA.35449 United Kingdom, Aid for indirect carbon price floor costs (Public version available)
       SA.34423 Denmark, Rescue decision for the merger of Vestjysk Bank and Aarhus Lokalbank (Public version available)
       SA.34249 Italy, Riduzione aliquota IRAP - Legge provinciale 11 agosto 1998 n. 9, art 21-bis, comma 9 (Public version available)
       SA.30014 Germany, ERP-programme for innovation (Public version available)
       SA.24221 Austria, Klagenfurt Airport - Ryanair and other airlines (Public version available)

    01 october 2014
       C29/2008 Germany, Frankfurt-Hahn airport - Alleged State aid to the airport and the agreement with Ryanair (Decision)
       SA.38831 Portugal, LIP regional investment aid to Volkswagen (Autoeuropa Lda, Palmela). Portugal (Decision)
       SA.38544 France, Dispositif exceptionnel et temporaire d'accompagnement des restructurations - KEM ONE SAS (Decision)
       SA.38517 Romania, Micula v Romania (ICSID arbitration award) (Decision)
       SA.38478 Hungary, Development of the Győr-Gönyű National Public Port (Decision)
       SA.38105 Belgium, Subside en faveur de certaines compagnies aériennes opérant à l’aéroport de Bruxelles-National (Decision)
       SA.36147 Germany, Alleged infrastructure aid for Propapier PM2 (Decision)
       SA.34914 United Kingdom, $ Alleged aid granted to offshore companies – Gibraltar Income Tax Act 2010 (Decision)
       SA.32833 Germany, Frankfurt-Hahn - Alleged State aid to the airport (2) (Decision)
       SA.31550 Germany, Nürburgring (Decision)
       SA.27408 Spain, DTT roll out in Castilla La Mancha (Decision)
       SA.27339 Germany, State aid to Zweibrücken Airport (Decision)
       SA.26190 Germany, Saarbrücken Airport (Decision)
       SA.23827 Germany, Regional aid for Propapier PM2 - LIP (Decision)
       SA.23098 Italy, Aeroporto di Alghero (Decision)
       SA.20867 Italy, Aid to Carbosulcis S.p.a. (Decision)
       SA.19864 Belgium, Financing of public hospitals of IRIS network in the region Brussels-Capital (Decision)
       SA.18857 Sweden, Västerås Airport (Decision)
       SA.14093 Belgium, Avantages consentis par la Région Wallonne à Brussels South Charleroi Airport et à la compagnie aérienne Ryanair (Decision)

    30 september 2014
       SA.38510 Lithuania, Regional aid map for Lithuania 2014−2020 (Decision)
       SA.33927 Belgium, Guarantee scheme protecting the shares of individual members of financial cooperatives (Arco) (Public version available)

    29 september 2014
       SA.38362 France, Modification du dispositif d’exonération de la taxe spéciale sur les conventions d’assurances des contrats d’assurance maladie dits « solidaires et responsables (Decision)
       SA.33424 Italy, Integrated project CCS Sulcis (Decision)

    25 september 2014
       SA.39120 France, Mortalité des huîtres creuses (Decision)

    22 september 2014
       N1/2014 United Kingdom, € - $ - Monitoring of Bradford & Bingley (Decision)
       N1/2014 United Kingdom, € - $ - Monitoring of Northern Rock (Decision)
       SA.35891 Austria, Young Enterpreneurs Initiative of Austria-aws-Gründerfonds (Decision)