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State Aid Cases

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    State Aids cases by date - Last 3 months

    13 august 2018
       SA.50305 Poland, Płock 600MW CCGT (combined heat and power certificates) (Decision)

    10 august 2018
       SA.51403 Poland, Second prolongation of the resolution scheme for cooperative banks and small commercial banks (Decision)
       SA.49709 Germany, Rostock Airport (Decision)
       SA.33229 Slovenia, Amendment of the restructuring commitments of Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d. (Decision)

    09 august 2018
       SA.51042 Portugal, 17th Extension of the Portuguese Guarantee Scheme (Decision)
       SA.51041 Portugal, Ninth Prolongation of the Portuguese Guarantee Scheme on EIB lending (Decision)
       SA.28973 Greece, Measures to certain Greek Casinos (Decision)

    06 august 2018
       SA.49518 United Kingdom, Freight Facilities Grant (Decision)

    01 august 2018
       SA.49522 Germany, Germany - Reduced surcharge for cogeneration under EEG 2017 (Decision)

    31 july 2018
       SA.36511 France, Support for EIU under the CSPE in France (Decision)

    30 july 2018
       SA.50152 Greece, New Greek transitory flexibility mechanism (Decision)
       SA.38613 Italy, Aid to Ilva (Decision)

    26 july 2018
       SA.50165 Germany, Support for the promotion of energy efficiency in rail transport (Decision)
       SA.48325 Austria, NGA-Broadband project in Upper Austria (Decision)
       SA.46874 France, Project for an ocean farm in Normandie France (Decision)

    24 july 2018
       SA.50327 Germany, Saxony: Granting of aid by the Saxon Animal Disease Fund for the agricultural sector (Decision)
       SA.32544 Greece, Restructuring of the Greek Railway Group - TRAINOSE S.A. (Public version available)

    23 july 2018
       SA.49875 France, Modification of the scheme in favour of undertakings exposed to a carbon leakage risk in France (Decision)
       SA.44664 Ireland, Alleged aid to HelpLink South (Decision)

    20 july 2018
       C5/2010 Slovakia, Railway company Cargo Slovakia a.s. (ZSSK Cargo) (Decision)
       SA.51262 Italy, Indemnités pour les dommages causés par les loups au patrimoine zootechnique (Decision)
       SA.51087 Greece, Prolongation of the Greek State Guarantee Scheme for banks (Art. 2 law 3723/2008) (Public version available)
       SA.50940 Germany, Reduction of the energy tax for agricultural use biofuels in Germany (Public version available)
       SA.50763 Italy, Rules on the compensation to be granted to undertakings active in the primary production for damage caused to crops and livestock by protected animals (Decision)
       SA.48490 France, Specific demand response tender in France (Public version available)
       SA.48171 Italy, Complaints against alleged State aid to Alitalia (Public version available)
       SA.47957 France, France - Support for electricity from landfill gas (Decision)

    19 july 2018
       SA.51191 Latvia, Amendment of aid for promoting waste recycling (ex SA.46525 (2016/N)) (Decision)
       SA.50986 Italy, Aides aux services de base et à la rénovation des villages dans les zones rurales (Decision)
       SA.50370 France, Aide fiscale à l''investissement outre-mer (logement social) (Decision)
       SA.49893 Sweden, Extension and amendment of scheme N866 / 2006 - Tax exemptions for certain renewable energy sources used for heat generation (Decision)

    18 july 2018
       SA.51214 Germany, Bund - GAK framework plan - support area 3A "Improving processing and marketing structures of agricultural products", measure 3.0 "co-operations" (Decision)
       SA.46525 Latvia, Aid for promoting waste recycling (Decision)
       SA.46228 Latvia, Development of separate waste collection systems (Decision)

    17 july 2018
       SA.50710 Italy, Piemonte Region RDP 2014-2020- Measure 16- Cooperation- "rural areas" (Decision)

    13 july 2018
       SA.47866 Netherlands, Damage compensation linked to gas extraction in Groningen province (Decision)

    12 july 2018
       SA.49523 Croatia, Croatian "maritime" PSO 3 (Decision)
       SA.48120 Croatia, SGEI – Compensation for scheduled costal maritime public transport on the route No 409: Preko – Ošljak – Zadar (Decision)
       SA.48119 Croatia, Croatian Ferries PSO (Decision)
       SA.46697 Germany, Further complaint against the NNVG (Decision)
       SA.46538 Germany, Complaint against the NNVG (Decision)

    11 july 2018
       SA.51235 Poland, Eighteenth prolongation of the Polish bank guarantee scheme (Decision)
       SA.51144 Italy, RDP of the Piedmont Region for 2014-2020, measure 7.6.2 "Handbooks relating to landscape-architectural elements" (Decision)
       SA.48840 Austria, Austrian Risk Capital Premium Scheme (Decision)

    10 july 2018
       SA.50829 Germany, Modification of the Geman Film Fund (DFFF) (Decision)
       SA.50768 Hungary, Further Amendment of the Hungarian Film Support Scheme (Decision)
       SA.37977 Spain, Aid to Correos (Decision)

    09 july 2018
       SA.48197 Netherlands, Groeifaciliteit (Decision)

    06 july 2018
       SA.51097 Luxembourg, ETS compensation scheme in Luxembourg (Decision)
       SA.50938 Portugal, Sous-mesure 9.1 - "Création des groupements de producteurs et d'organisations dans les secteurs agricole et forestier (Decision)
       SA.50877 Slovakia, Reductions on the nuclear levy for electro-intensive undertakings in Slovakia (Decision)
       SA.50043 Italy, Renforcement de la filière céréalière (Public version available)
       SA.49955 Spain, Projets d'innovation et d'intérêt général mis en œuvre pour des groupes opérationnels du Partenariat européen d’innovation en matière de productivité et durabilité agricole dans le secteur agroalimentaire (en dehors de l'article 42 TFUE) (Decision)
       SA.49954 Spain, Projets d'innovation et d'intérêt général pour des groupes opérationnels du Partenariat européen d’innovation en matière de productivité et durabilité dans le secteur forestier (Decision)
       SA.48678 Czech Republic, Framework Program for Risk and Crisis Management in Agriculture (Decision)
       SA.48394 Romania, Restructuring of National Uranium Company (Companiei Nationale a Uraniului CNU) (Public version available)
       SA.47412 Greece, Evaluation plan of the aid scheme "General Entrepreneurship" of Development law 4399/2016 (Decision)
       SA.46349 Netherlands, Introduction of a system of tradable phosphate rights for dairy cattle (Public version available)
       SA.45664 Italy, Orderly liquidation of Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca - Liquidation aid (Public version available)
       SA.21259 Portugal, Madeira Free Trade Zone - Tax scheme - ex officio investigation (Decision)

    05 july 2018
       SA.49923 United Kingdom, Amendments to the existing aid scheme "Enterprise Investment Scheme" and "Venture Capital Trust scheme" (Decision)

    04 july 2018
       SA.47867 France, Aide présumée en faveur de Ryanair à l'aéroport de Montpellier (Decision)

    03 july 2018
       SA.50428 Denmark, Aid for restoring forestry potential after storm damage (Decision)
       SA.49070 Romania, Aide pour les animaux trouvés morts (Decision)

    02 july 2018
       SA.49898 Italy, Critères d'octroi d'aides en faveur des entreprises agricoles touchées par les séismes qui ont frappé les régions Abruzzes, Lazio, Marche et Ombrie à partir du 24 août 2016 (Decision)
       SA.48935 Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz: Implementation of the Law on sales promotion of wine (Public version available)

    27 june 2018
       SA.46945 Germany, Erfurt-Weimar airport (Decision)

    25 june 2018
       SA.49827 Estonia, Modifications to the support for the training of advisors (Decision)
       SA.49548 Poland, Potato-growing ZAMARTE Sp. z o.o. (Decision)
       SA.49214 Slovenia, Restructuring aid to Semenarna Ljubljana d.o.o. (Decision)

    22 june 2018
       SA.50847 Germany, Prolongation of NGA Bayern Abänderung (SA.38690) – DE (Public version available)
       SA.50776 Germany, Amendment of Support scheme for the acquisition of electric buses for urban public transport (Public version available)
       SA.50760 Portugal, Amendment of PO SEUR Programme for Clean Buses in Urban Areas. Portugal (ex SA. 45694 (2016/N)) (Public version available)
       SA.50430 Slovenia, Aide destinée à compenser les effets du gel dans les vergers et les vignobles en 2017 - grandes entreprises (Public version available)
       SA.49958 Italy, Aides à la coopération dans le secteur forestier, aides à la recherche et au développement dans le secteur forestier et aides à la coopération dans les zones rurales (Public version available)
       SA.49899 Italy, Aides à la floriculture pour des entreprises actives dans la production primaire (Public version available)
       SA.49588 United Kingdom, SNH Goose Management Schemes (Public version available)
       SA.49389 Czech Republic, Co-operation between participants in short supply chains and local markets (Public version available)
       SA.49388 Czech Republic, Co-operation in the sharing of facilities and resources (Public version available)
       SA.49153 Czech Republic, Aid for intermodal transport units (Public version available)
       SA.47789 United Kingdom, Prolongation of Enterprise Management Incentives scheme (ex SA. 32/2009) (Public version available)
       SA.47686 Luxembourg, Transformation des produits agricoles (Public version available)
       SA.46897 France, Aide présumée - CACES (Public version available)
       SA.45997 France, Liaison express directe entre l’aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle et la Gare de l’Est (Public version available)
       SA.37433 Denmark, Alleged State aid through discounts on waste water charges (Public version available)
       SA.34815 Netherlands, Dutch marina "Jachthaven Scharendijke"-NL (Public version available)

    21 june 2018
       SA.50940 Germany, Reduction of the energy tax for agricultural use biofuels in Germany (Decision)

    20 june 2018
       SA.44888 Luxembourg, Aid to GDF Suez (Decision)

    19 june 2018
       SA.35334 Cyprus, Amendment to the liquidation aid for the orderly market exit of Cyprus Cooperative Bank Ltd (Decision)

    18 june 2018
       SA.9440 Italy, Social security charges reduction and exoneration in Venezia and Chioggia (Decision)
       SA.9398 Italy, Employment measures (Decision)
       SA.49624 Denmark, Compensation for damages caused by wolves, including the removal and destruction of fallen stock, and aid for wolf-proof fences (Decision)

    15 june 2018
       SA.45852 Germany, German capacity reserve (Public version available)
       SA.38944 Luxembourg, $ - Aid to Amazon – Luxembourg (Public version available)

    14 june 2018
       SA.48472 Croatia, Amended Concession Agreement relating to the Istrian Y motorway (Decision)

    13 june 2018
       SA.48992 Bulgaria, Measure ‘Promotion on third-country markets’ (wine) (Decision)

    08 june 2018
       SA.50545 Italy, Amendments to the Italian Tonnage Tax Scheme (Public version available)
       SA.50367 Germany, Saxony: Compensation for damages caused by predators (Decision)
       SA.49749 Sweden, Environmental compensation for rail freight transport (Public version available)
       SA.48780 Greece, Prolongation of the Greek interruptibility scheme (Public version available)
       SA.48143 Greece, Auctions for RES and CHP support in Greece (Public version available)
       SA.48121 Croatia, Restructuring of Jadroplov Split (Public version available)
       SA.44076 Hungary, RES support scheme - METÁR (Public version available)
       SA.43549 Romania, Alleged aid to CFR Marfa (Public version available)
       SA.38496 Belgium, R&D scheme in the aeronautical sector (Public version available)
       SA.38469 Sweden, Sheltered employment in Sweden (Public version available)
       SA.37723 Finland, Start-up Fund VERA (Public version available)

    07 june 2018
       SA.51087 Greece, Prolongation of the Greek State Guarantee Scheme for banks (Art. 2 law 3723/2008) (Decision)
       SA.51036 Poland, Modification of scheme SA. 48093 (2017/N) – Aid for the implementation of intermodal transport projects (Decision)

    04 june 2018
       SA.50847 Germany, Prolongation of NGA Bayern Abänderung (SA.38690) – DE (Decision)
       SA.38651 Czech Republic, The provision of catering services in schools in the Czech Republic (Decision)

    01 june 2018
       SA.48680 Hungary, Evaluation plan for Government decree 210/2014 (VIII.27.) concerning the use of investment incentives (Decision)
       SA.47509 Italy, Alleged aid to concession holders managing state gaming network for AAMS (Decision)

    29 may 2018
       SA.48804 France, Prolongation du PLAN D'AIDES A LA MODERNISATION ET A L'INNOVATION (PAMI) (Decision)
       SA.48332 France, PLAN D’AIDE AU REPORT MODAL (PARM) (Decision)

    28 may 2018
       SA.50776 Germany, Amendment of Support scheme for the acquisition of electric buses for urban public transport (Decision)
       SA.49947 Belgium, Aid for videogames (VAF Gamefonds) - Flanders – BE (Decision)
       SA.49439 Czech Republic, Prevention of damage caused by specially protected animal species (Decision)
       SA.49203 Romania, SGEI Compensation for Bacau Airport (Decision)
       SA.47707 Denmark, Compensation to PostNord for Universal Service Obligations imposed on Post Danmark (Decision)
       SA.34045 Germany, Exemption from network charges for large electricity consumers (§19 StromNEV) in Germany (Decision)

    25 may 2018
       SA.50953 Ireland, 13th prolongation of the Credit Union Resolution Scheme 2018 (Decision)
       SA.49784 France, Aide pour les entreprises de l'aval de la filière volailles impactées par les mesures prises par la France pour lutter contre l’influenza aviaire (Public version available)
       SA.49753 Italy, Compensation of damages caused by wildlife on the territory of the Majella national park (Public version available)
       SA.49416 Germany, Reductions of the offshore surcharge for electro-intensive undertakings and reductions on the CHP surcharge for electricity produced from waste gases in Germany (Public version available)
       SA.49040 Ireland, Restructuring aid scheme for SMEs in difficulty in Ireland (Public version available)
       SA.48571 Italy, Tax credit for productive investments in the regions of Lazio, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo affected by the 2016-2017 earthquakes (Public version available)
       SA.47690 Poland, State aid scheme for regional investments of SMEs in the shipbuilding sector (Public version available)
       SA.47293 Czech Republic, Česká pošta, s.p. (Czech Post) (Public version available)
       SA.47026 Bulgaria, Aid for the realization of voluntary animal welfare commitments for poultry (Public version available)
       SA.46956 Germany, Baden-Württemberg: Administrative Decree of the Ministry of Rural areas and Consumer Protection for the granting of aid within the framework of the preventive protection of groundwater in the water protection area Donauried-Hürbe (VwV Donauried-Hürbe (Public version available)
       SA.46613 Netherlands, Broadband Rivierenland Region (Public version available)
       SA.45862 Ireland, Irish tax on sugar-sweetened drinks (Public version available)
       SA.43485 France, Soutien à la production d'électricité à partir de gaz de station d'épuration en France (Public version available)
       SA.43080 Czech Republic, State aid scheme for modernisation of inland waterway freight transport vessels (Public version available)
       SA.43012 Spain, Aides octroyée à BITSA (Public version available)
       SA.41400 Denmark, Alleged unlawful State aid through the sale of the Lurpark trademarks (Public version available)

    22 may 2018
       SA.50627 France, Aides à la coopération dans le secteur agricole et agroalimentaire pour la période 2018-2020 (Decision)

    18 may 2018
       SA.12594 France, Mesures financières - France TELECOM (Decision)

    17 may 2018
       SA.47083 Finland, Prevention of extensive forest damages caused by damaging agents already existing in Finland (Decision)
       SA.46852 Denmark, Prolongation of existing tax deduction scheme for seafarers (Decision)

    16 may 2018
       SA.50760 Portugal, Amendment of PO SEUR Programme for Clean Buses in Urban Areas. Portugal (ex SA. 45694 (2016/N)) (Decision)

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