150,000 sign up for ambitious reform of EU Common Fisheries Policy

Today, WWF presented 150,000 signatures to the European Parliament from citizens across Europe demanding ambition in reforming the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

On the top of the petition, WWF affirms that 30,000 citizens already wrote to Members of the European Parliament last month, through the ‘Stop Bankrupting our Oceans’ initiative. Ms Ulrike Rodust MEP, author of the report on the Common Fisheries Policy Regulation, accepted the petition signatures on behalf of Parliament. Her report will be voted by the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee possibly in the following weeks.

The petition urged Members of the European Parliament to support measures aiming to stop discards, to promote regionalisation and to apply the same principles to all European boats wherever they operate in the world.

Commissioner Maria Damanaki welcomed the petition: "It is important that citizens are aware of what is at stake. Our proposal is more ambitious than the compromise reached by EU Ministers in the Council: my hope is that the European Parliament will lead the delivery of a reform that meets the expectations of our citizens".

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