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Entry into force of new EU-wide rules on organic aquaculture


On 1 July, new rules covering organic aquaculture production of fish, shellfish and seaweed enter into force. The rules set EU-wide conditions for the aquatic production environment, for impacts on other species, the separation of organic and non-organic units and specify animal welfare conditions including maximum stocking densities.


Mediterranean Regulation : Commission writes to member states re implementation


The European Commission is sending a letter to five member states on implementation of the Mediterranean Regulation, recalling that all the rules fully apply as from 1 June 2010 while specifying what is further needed from each Member State to make their national management plan operational.


EU action plan for seabirds: the Commission calls for stakeholder input to enrich the debate


EU action plan for seabirds: the Commission calls for stakeholder input to enrich the debate Seabirds often lead fishermen to productive fishing grounds; in return, they can often take advantage of the fishermen's operations ...


Bluefin tuna: Commission closes the purse seine fishery


Maria Damanaki, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries decided to close the bluefin tuna fishery to purse seiners in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic, due to the exhaustion of the quotas allocated to them.


Mediterranean Fisheries: sustainable fishing practices cannot be postponed


Over 54% of the Mediterranean fish stocks which have been analysed by scientists are found to be overfished. To remedy this situation, the EU adopted, back in 2006, the 'Mediterranean Regulation' which aims to improve fisheries management in order to achieve sustainable fisheries, protect the fragile marine environment and restore fish stocks to healthy levels. It applies to EU member states around the Mediterranean.


Questions and Answers on the Mediterranean Fisheries Regulation


What are the specificities of the Mediterranean basin?
In the Mediterranean mainly multi-species and multi-gears fishing activities undertaken by small vessels (mostly below 10 m overall length) and spread over a wide system of landing places take place. For this kind of small vessels the compilation of logbooks is not compulsory.


Maritime affairs

Preparation of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council of June 2010


The Agriculture and Fisheries Council will meet in Luxembourg on Tuesday 29 June, under the presidency of Mrs Elena Espinosa, Spanish Minister of the ...


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