Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion

Analytical support and exchange of information

The European Commission cooperates with networks of independent experts and national delegates to follow policy developments and facilitate exchange of information in the area of social protection and social inclusion, in the light of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

European Social Policy Network (ESPN) 

The European Social Policy Network (ESPN) of independent experts provides the Commission with a comprehensive overview of policies on social protection (such as pensions, long-term care, access to social protection for all types of work) and social inclusion (such as inequalities, active inclusion, addressing child poverty, access to essential services, combatting homelessness, etc.) in the EU Member States, candidate countries and potential candidates, including their strengths and weaknesses, and identifies areas most in need of further progress in these fields.

It produces Thematic Reports (Country and Synthesis Reports, see links below), and Flash Reports (see links below).

Mutual Information Systems on Social Protection (MISSOC)

MISSOC (Mutual Information Systems on Social Protection) network, whose members are appointed by the authorities of participating countries (EU Member States and EEA/EFTA countries), ensures exchange of information on national social protection systems by preparing comparative legislative tables (addressed mainly to professional users) and social security guides for the general public.

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