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Social Protection Committee


The Social Protection Committee (SPC) is an EU advisory policy committee for Employment and Social Affairs Ministers in the Employment and Social Affairs Council (EPSCO), established by the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (article 160), which:

  • monitors social conditions in the EU and the development of social protection policies in member countries. It reports on social inclusion, health care, long-term care and pensions under the social open method of coordination
  • promotes discussion and coordination of policy approaches among national governments and the Commission. It prepares Council discussions on social protection and on the country-specific recommendations in the context of the European Semester. It also produces reports and opinions on its own initiative or at the request of the Council or the Commission.

Work programme

Main outputs

SPC opinions and contributions to the Council of Ministers

EU countries' strategic social reporting:

Annual reports

Thematic reports:

Opinions and other working documents produced by the Social Protection Committee are available using the documents database for employment, social affairs & inclusion.

Social Protection Committee documents can also be downloaded from the Council of the EU's public register.

Social Protection Performance Monitor (SPPM)

The SPC developed in 2012 a monitoring tool which identifies annual key social trends to watch in the EU.

About the Social Protection Performance Monitor

2014 SPPM Results

2015 SPPM Results

2016 SPPM Results

2017 SPPM Results 

SPPM thematic reviews on the social trends to watch

2017 thematic reviews

2016 thematic reviews

2015 thematic reviews

SPPM thematic reviews on the 2014 social trends to watch

SPPM thematic reviews on the 2013 social trends to watch

SPPM thematic reviews on the 2012 social trends to watch

SPPM Country Profiles

Organisation and working methods

  • Composition – 2 delegates from each EU country and the Commission. The Commission members to the SPC are Joost Korte, Director General of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and Katarina Ivankovic-Knezevic, acting Director for Social Policies.
  • Chairperson elected for 2-year term (renewable once): Rait Kuuse (EE)
  • Bureau assisting the chairperson which consists of: the Commission, 4 Vice-Chairs (2 elected Vice-Chairs, 1 representative from the current and 1 representative from the next Council Presidency country), the SPC Secretary, the General Secretariat of the Council, and the Chairperson of the Indicators Sub-Group. Current elected Vice-Chairs: Ulrike Neufang (AT) and Peter Lelie (BE).
  • Secretariat provided by the Commission through a team of officials including Georgi Karaghiozov, Paul Minty and Ginta Niedra. The current SPC Secretary is Georgi Karaghiozov.
  • Indicators sub-group (ISG) – permanent sub-group, Chair: Rudi Van Dam (BE), Vice-Chair: Volker Schmitt (DE)

SPC Members

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