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FEAD Community

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The FEAD Community is an open membership network for people providing assistance to the most deprived in Europe.

This includes national FEAD Managing Authorities, organisations delivering or interested in FEAD-funded activities, EU level NGOs and EU institutions.

The FEAD Community brings together all those who are working to reduce the worst forms of poverty in European countries. It is a space for members to share good practice and encourage new ideas and to discuss how to provide non-financial assistance to the most deprived in Europe.

What does the FEAD Community offer?


The FEAD is more than just a source of funding, it is also a network.

The FEAD Community is an open membership network for people providing assistance to the most deprived in Europe. Sign up to be part of the FEAD Community and receive the newsletter.

Network Meetings

The aim of the FEAD Community are to contribute to learning and capacity building on particular themes, operational issues and programming topics. They identify challenges and share good practices on themes and implementation topics. You can find out more about past meetings in our news section. Keep an eye out for future meetings as we share documents such as the background papers and agendas online.


You can find related documents from all community meetings in the news section. Simply click the ‘more news’ tab and go through the pages to find a dedicated news article for each event and the related documents including the meeting report, background papers and agendas.

Find more documents such as the case study booklets, reports and brochures in the publications section.

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