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REGIO Peer2Peer +

The REGIO Peer2Peer + scheme enables staff of programme authorities and other public bodies involved in managing and implementing ERDF, CF and JTF programmes to meet and exchange knowledge and good practice on both a bilateral and multilateral level.

What’s in it?

REGIO Peer2Peer + comprises two pillars:

  • TAIEX-REGIO Peer2Peer
  • REGIO Peer2Peer Communities.

TAIEX-REGIO Peer2Peer helps organise short-term exchanges with one or more peers from other EU countries to meet specific learning needs. These exchanges can be organised as either one-off meetings or a series of events. They help staff from eligible bodies get answers to their questions on thematic aspects of the EU Regional and Urban Policy or on cross-cutting issues related to the management and control of the programmes.

The REGIO Peer2Peer Communities offer a platform to develop a longer-term dialogue with peers from several EU countries on topics of common interest to allow for in-depth analysis and co-creation.

While TAIEX-REGIO focuses on exchanging existing knowledge in good time and on demand, the Communities facilitate more in-depth discussions and aim to build new knowledge and develop new approaches and tools.

How can I participate?

Both TAIEX-REGIO and the Communities are free and open to all staff from programme authorities and other public bodies involved in managing and implementing ERDF, CF or JTF programmes.

The participants themselves decide on the content to discuss and working methods, while the Commission only helps organise and facilitates the exchanges without taking part in them.

Need more info? See how to:

If you want to learn more about the results of REGIO Peer2Peer check our latest study (December 2020).

Study on peer learning tools for the administrative capacity building of Member State bodies involved in the management of funds from the ERDF and the Cohesion Fund - Final Report
REGIO Peer2Peer +