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Central Europe

Programme description

Main objectives

Transnational cooperation in central Europe is the catalyst for implementing smart solutions answering to regional challenges in the fields of innovation, low-carbon economy, environment, culture and transport. It builds regional capacities following an integrated bottom-up approach involving and coordinating relevant actors from all governance levels. 

Funding priorities

The Programme will focus on four main priorities:

  • Cooperating on innovation to make Central Europe more competitive
  • Cooperating on low-carbon strategies in Central Europe
  • Cooperating on natural and cultural resources for sustainable growth in Central Europe
  • Cooperating on transport to better connect Central Europe

Expected impacts

  • To improve sustainable linkages among actors of the innovation systems for strengthening regional innovation capacity and to improve skills and entrepreneurial competences for advancing economic and social innovation
  • To develop and implement solutions for increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy usage in public infrastructures; to improve territorially based low-carbon energy planning strategies and policies supporting climate change mitigation ; to improve capacities for mobility planning in functional urban areas to lower CO2 emissions
  • To improve integrated environmental management capacities for the protection and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources;
  • To improve capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources;
  • To improve planning and coordination of regional passenger transport systems for better connections to national and European transport networks; to improve coordination among freight transport stakeholders for increasing multimodal environmentally-friendly freight solutions


Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 246.581.112,00 €

Thematic priorities

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Financial information

Total OP budget: 298.987.026,00 €

Total EU contribution: 246.581.112,00 €

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