Bringing the Czech railway network up to European standards

A major EU-funded project will renovate Olomuc Railway Station in the Czech Republic, improving its infrastructure and buildings, while making it more accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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Olomuc Station is located in Olomouc, regional capital of the Central Moravia region with around 100 000 inhabitants along what is part of the trans-European transport network programme, ‘TEN-T’, which promotes interoperability between European high-speed rail systems. As such, it is an important transport hub for the region. 

The EU-funded project to reconstruct Olomuc Railway Station has identified where improvements are needed and is helping to implement them. The project is part of the trans-European transport network programme, ‘TEN-T’, which promotes interoperability between European high-speed rail systems. 

The project’s main purpose is to bring the building up to the same technical standards as surrounding stations and improve connectivity in network. This renewal also benefits travellers, saving them time and offering a modern public service which is more accessible to people with reduced mobility.  

Improving the station inside out

The project involves a complex renovation and reconstruction of buildings and infrastructure. The existing track system will be redeveloped and a set of new underpasses with stairways and lifts to the platforms will be built. Six bridges, two pedestrian underpasses and six reconstructed platforms are planned. 

Infrastructure work includes technical upgrades to replace wires and feeders and new telecommunication lines and equipment. Thanks to this, a passenger information system, remote control equipment and new power supply units will be set up. In addition, new railway substructure and systems are expected to improve water drainage in and around the station. 

Overall, the project expects to deliver better quality rail transport, decrease operating costs, reduce external impacts on the environment, and improve rail transport safety.

Major projects in the Czech Republic

The renovation of Olomuc Railway Station and surrounding network is one of a series of major projects being carried out in the Czech Republic. It will be performed in two phases: the first is supported under the Cohesion Fund programming period 2007-2013, while the second phase is covered by the 2014-2020 one. The final completion of the project is expected for November 2016.

Railway infrastructure is state-owned in the Czech Republic, and the project is being coordinated by the government’s Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA).

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Reconstruction of the Olomuc Railway Station – Phase 1” is EUR 63 485 920, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 51 928 612 through the “Transport” Operation Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.