EU financial support for national, regional and local communities fighting Coronavirus

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On 18 March 2020 Commissioners Elisa Ferreira responsible for Cohesion and Reforms and Nicolas Schmit responsible for Jobs and Social Rights have sent letters to all the EU countries to inform them on the individual support they can receive under the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative (CRII). 

The letters, available in the page Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative, provide details on the amounts available for each country, the type of expenditure newly eligible under the EU structural and solidarity funds - for instance to support health systems, procure medical equipment or ensure access to healthcare for vulnerable groups, and the current possibilities to mobilise financing through ERDF and ESF

Moreover, the Commission services provide integrated support to Member States through dedicated CRII country teams. The teams will ensure good information flow and fast decision-making at the most practical level, as well as discuss State aid, financial regulation compliance issues or involvement of the European Investment Fund.

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