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A tool for mapping certificates necessary in public procurement 

When is this solution for you? 

You want to participate in a tender across borders and you need to know what type of documents you may have to submit.
You are a public buyer that has to evaluate bids received from various EU countries.
You are an ICT service provider that offers an e-procurement solution.

What can we offer you? 

e-Certis is a free online tool mapping documents requested in public procurement procedures across borders. The system identifies and links certificates necessary as proof of compliance with tender criteria in various areas of administrative verification (e.g. tax, social security obligations, criminal records, etc.). This helps bring clarity to the cross-border bidding process. Information provided by e-Certis is inserted by National public entities in charge and regularly updated.

The e-Certis service is linked with the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), which is a single self-declaration form of a bidder's eligibility in public procurement. e-Certis and the ESPD significantly reduce the effort needed for submission of a tender offer and facilitate bidding across borders. 

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Any questions? 

Contact the e-Certis team at the European Commission.

Contact the Interoperability Unit of DG Informatics (please use the subject line ‘e-Certis’).

More detailed information 

Read more about e-Certis and the ESPD on the Commission's website.
Learn how to use e-Certis in the User guide.
Watch e-Certis video tutorial.
Visit the ISA2 action page on e-procurement

Who is already using this solution? 

Users of e-Certis v1 (the previous version of the system in use until April 2016):

  • Ministries, government offices: Interior (SI and CZ), Central Government (BG, IE, NO, SK), Foreign affairs (PL), Justice and Public administration (SI), Defence (CZ), ICT support center Army (PL), Federal Finance Office (DE)
  • Regional/local authorities: Region Wallone (BE), Castilla y Leon (ES), Paris (FR), Hampshire Country Council (UK), Dobrichka Municipality (BG)
  • Public bodies: Telecoms Agency (CY), Air Navigation Services Agency (DE, PL and CZ), Competition Authority (SE), Public procurement council (HU), Meteorological inst. (SE)
  • Contracting authorities:
    • Universities: Ghent (BE), Barcelona and Zaragoza (ES), Rostock (DE), Croatian R&D Academy (HR), Trieste (IT), Vilnius Gedimina Technical University (LT), Katowice (PL), University of Arts in London,  Birmingham, Hertfordshire, Reading (UK), UCLA (USA)
    • Public Health instute: Health Agency (IT, NL and UK), Institut Pasteur (FR) 
    • Chambers of commerce: Paris (FR)
  • Companies:
    • Industry: Saab Scania (SE)
    • Media: Weiner Zeitung (AT)
    • Defense: Thales
    • IT/software: HP (USA)
    • Consulting: Deloitte (PL), CapGemini (NL)
    • Tourism: Cordial Canarias Hotels & Resorts (ES)
  • EU institutions: European Commission, European Central Bank, European Medicines Agency, Maritime Safety Agency
Key facts and figures 

e-Certis covers EU countries, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. The search function is supported in all EU languages.