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Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens

When is this solution for you? 

You are a member of a widespread collaborative group. You would like to share information and resources in private workspaces over the web.

What can we offer you? 

CIRCABC provides a web-based application that is used to create collaborative workspaces. It is divided into categories and interest groups, allowing people to manage content, users and communication features.

CIRCABC is freely available for any organisation, public or private.

It can also be deployed as a standalone alternative.  

In October 2018, a version 4.0 with a new user interface has been released.

Our solution at a glance 
Get started 

Access CIRCABC. In order to use CIRCABC, you need to set up an EU Login (European Commission's user authentication service) account via the aforementioned page.

Download CIRCABC as open source software.

CIRCABC elearning training module

Is this solution open source? 
Any questions? 

Have a look at the CIRCABC FAQs.

Ask for CIRCABC portal assistance or seek CIRCABC software support.

Contact the Interoperability Unit of DG Informatics (please use the subject line ‘CIRCABC’).

More detailed information 

Visit the CIRCABC action page.

Who is already using this solution? 
  • 4,200 active groups
  • 205,000 users


Isabelle Burguet

"CIRCABC is really easy to use and we did not face any particular challenges while managing it. The tool offers a very comfortable environment. You can create different folders and sub-folders, allowing for a clean structure of the library of documents. This facilitates the navigation by the users. The volume of files is practically unlimited. The administration tools allow for tailor-made access rights for different types of users. This feature was particularly convenient for us as we were able to switch accesses on and off in order to test the system with our stakeholders and to calmly upload documents in advance and release them at a precise time. Last but not least, CIRCABC is a safe environment that can ensure the confidentiality of the transmission of documents. It has been a useful and reliable tool which helped the smooth transmission of our documents."

Isabelle Burguet, Unit B2, Secretariat-General, European Commission

Other users:
Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Business and Citizens (Spain)

Key facts and figures 

In 2017, more than 5.5 million documents have been uploaded/downloaded.